The second death and free will

Question: This question is about the second death. I admit that all the conditions that I currently have are the results of my own choices. I’m also aware that my thoughts come from my separate selves, the primal self, and the fallen consciousness. Nevertheless, I’m very tired of being in this dualistic world and very annoyed with my inner psychological processes to get away from the duality consciousness. If I were put in a situation where I was to re-embody or solve my problems in the spiritual realm due to my own unresolved karma and psychological problems, even after committing suicide or dying by natural causes, then I would rather choose the second death. In this case, is it possible to choose the second death with my free will?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

Free will is absolute so you can make any choice you want with your free will. However, once you are out of the physical body, and you understand that you cannot go to the second death while you’re in a physical body, you will have a different perspective on things. You will of course, also receive guidance from the ascended masters that you are willing to work with.

Therefore, we will seek to help you see alternatives to the second death. Nevertheless, it’s clear that there are throughout the history of creation, even in different previous spheres, there are beings who have chosen the second death, not as described in the My Lives book, where Lucifer chose the second death.

But they have chosen it mainly because they simply were tired of dealing with their own psychology and the mechanics of life. They were not willing to un-create the psychology that they had created.

We, of course, can only offer help to such lifestreams. We can offer you a different perspective, but if people are not willing to change their minds, then, of course, we cannot prevent them from making that choice. And, we will not attempt to prevent people (lifestreams) from making that choice, if they insist on doing so.


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