The schizophrenic aspect of the spiritual path

Question: The last stages before ascending seem to be somewhat paradoxical, since we still have an ego, and this one seems to serve, as Saint Germain says, as an anchor or safety mechanism to prevent a premature withdrawal of the life force, when we are not quite ready to ascend, but at the same time, we are being the open door for our I Am Presence to express in this world, and are being creative through our I Am Presence. This seems a bit schizophrenic to experience. My question is, will we know for sure that we are ready, when we will be ready? Or can we be mistaken in judging, and do it all wrong? After all, the ego is still there.

Answer from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, let’s put it this way. Free will is free will. You can theoretically decide to start a downward path up until the 144th level. It is not very likely that you could do this, but it could be done. You could get yourself into a state of mind where you think you are ready to ascend, because you are over-evaluating your own progress. But again, it is not very likely to happen. It is more likely to happen at the 96th level, where you might think that you are either ready to ascend or you have some level of Christhood, and you start using it to promote yourself as a separate being and therefore start going down the left-handed path, in a downward direction.

Truly, as you move higher, beyond the 96th level, the ego has less and less of an influence upon you. It is as we have said before, it is just something that keeps you in the physical body, because if there is not some kind of separate self, you cannot be integrated with a body.

You might say, in a certain sense—we have talked about before—that when you descend to the 48th level, you start at the 144th level, you take on that illusion, then the next illusion, and then keep going down. These first illusions you take on are the illusions that actually allow you, as the Conscious You, as a formless being, to integrate with a body that has form, and therefore come to actually feel that you are inside the body and the four lower bodies. It is not just the physical body, it is first the identity, then the mental, then the emotional, and the physical. But you have to take on certain illusions in order to experience yourself as being inside this body, as having a sense of awareness that is localized around the body. And as actually being able to, so to speak, operate the machinery of the body.

And this is not really what traditionally is called the ego. It does not make you selfish, it just integrates you with a body so you can actually see yourself as existing in this body, being connected to this body, being able to operate the body and experience the world through the body and take actions through the body. This is not what you traditionally call an ego in the sense that it is selfish and self-centered.

The higher you go, the more you shed this focus on self. And you eventually come to a point where—and this is before the 144th level— you are not focused on yourself anymore, you are not even seeing yourself as a separate being, that you have to promote yourself, you want to become famous, or you want to do something important, and so forth.

You gradually shed this sense of being focused on yourself, and therefore it is of course less and less likely that you would make a mistake and start going down again. This also means that when you shed this focus on yourself, the schizophrenic aspect of it disappears. I understand why you feel that it is a somewhat schizophrenic process. There is, as we have said before, a period where you feel somewhat schizophrenic on the spiritual path. But you overcome that, you transcend that when you transcend the focus on yourself as a separate being, and you begin to integrate more with your I Am Presence and the schizophrenia sort of fades away.


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