The Sanskrit language and the language of the golden age 

Question: There is something about Vedas that I have observed, that makes people more efficient than an average person. Mantra chanting in unison induces a certain calmness to the mind and makes them more open to a dynamic way of thinking. I feel this is not because of the Vedic philosophy or God behind it. But because of the language used. I feel the Sanskrit language was designed around 112 chakras in the human body and mantras aid to stimulate them in a certain sequence. I request the masters to share their insights on this. Also, the Sanskrit language is garnering more attention in recent years, especially in the scientific communities. Is there any future to this language and Saint Germain’s vision of the golden age? A person suffering amnesia does not forget a language but it is forgotten in new embodiments. Is it the choice of the spirit not to remember it? Or is it our own inability to invoke that part of our talent? What will it be like to go beyond the need for any language to communicate for humans?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, the Sanskrit language has certain characteristics, for example, it has more sounds than most other languages. And therefore, it is much more easy to look at the written language and know how to pronounce the words. This of course is a great advantage. And as we move into the golden age, there will be an evolution of language to where there will be more of a correspondence between written and spoken language. In other words, based on a certain spelling, there will be only one possible pronunciation. However, this not does not mean that the Vedic or the Sanskrit language will be the basis for this.

It is correct that there is a certain spiritual background for the Sanskrit language, but there are also reasons why this has not become a common language on earth. And it is partly because every language has a certain time. Some of the principles behind the Sanskrit language will be used to develop the language of the golden age. But it will not be exactly the Sanskrit language.

Now, it is of course correct that chanting mantras or decrees or invocations in unison produce a very powerful effect. And it is not, as so many Hindus believe, that because you are invoking certain Hindu gods and they use magical powers to reinforce what you are doing. It is because you are invoking energy and you are using certain geometrical energetic matrices that you are producing by the chants or the decrees. And when you do this, many people in unison, it has an accelerating or multiplying effect. And you can feel this. It raises people’s consciousness as of course most of you feel when you are giving decrees and invocations.

In terms of language, well, you forget a language when you come into your next incarnation, because you are incarnating in a specific situation where they speak a specific language and it would be very impractical for you, if as a baby, you were able to speak a different language than the one in which you grew up. It would only create immense confusion in the mind of the child.

In terms of going beyond language and being able to communicate without language, this is something that is quite far into the future. Of course, there can be a certain telepathy that will begin to develop, but for a very long period into the golden age, a written and spoken language will still be the main form of communication. Some people will develop more intuitive or what you call other forms of communication, but this will not be the main form of communication.

You can of course communicate via images. And some people have already a certain ability to do this. But what you see in science fiction movies about telepathy is not really the realistic form of telepathy. Many times, you see that people think that you can telepathically send worded messages to other people, but that is not really a realistic form because with telepathy, you are sending images. Telepathy is primarily a function of the mental body and the mental body even though it often is expressed in words, in terms of intellectual theories, the mental body really operates more with certain images or certain geometric shapes.


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