The root races and evolution of the human physical body

Question: This is a question for Saint Germain. He was talking about our physical bodies and I have many unanswered questions. As I understood before, humans had different bodies than they have right now. And after descending to duality consciousness deciding to use different bodies that we use right now. How were these new bodies introduced? How was it giving birth to the first body? How it was done, the change of body if it was so and if it was not so.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

You should realize by now that we have a very, very vast body of teachings that we could potentially release and that we would like to release at a certain point. You may look at the amount of teachings that we have given now through the last one hundred years or so and you may think that this is overwhelming. But, nevertheless, there is many more teachings we can give. What we attempt to do is to give a very gradual release of our teachings, so that we set a foundation before we introduce certain concepts that are new and different from what we have given before. And this means that there are sometimes topics that we do not want to comment on at the present because we haven’t given the foundational teaching that we want to give first.

This is a complex topic that really to be fully explained requires some more foundational teachings. But what I will give you now is just a glimpse of it. And the easiest way to explain this, I’m not saying it is the full explanation, but the simplest way to explain this, is to say that the earth was first created in the identity realm. There is an identity level planet you might say. It is not exactly like the physical planet of course, but it has the identity level matrix for earth. When the Elohim first decided to create planet Earth, they first created that identity level matrix, manifested it there. Then, after some time, they lowered it into the mental realm, then after some more time into the emotional and then into the physical. There was a point where there was only an identity level earth. And there were beings that descended to, we might say, take embodiment at the identity level. It is not of course an entirely accurate wording because normally, when we talk about taking embodiment, we’re talking about the physical octave. But there were beings that where their I Am Presences sent what were called the Conscious You into the identity realm. And they took on the kind of bodies that you can have at the identity level.

Then there was a time where the planet had been pushed into the mental.

And there were some beings that, “took embodiment” at the mental level. And they took embodiment at the mental level and there was a time when it was pushed into the emotional and there were some that took embodiment at that level. Then there came that point where the matrix for the earth was pushed into the physical realm, the physical level of vibration.

But there was not anybody who immediately took embodiment at the physical level. And the reason for this is that the physical level is the most dense. So, for a variety of complex reasons, but mainly what the earth had the potential to become, it was decided that the Elohim would initiate a process of gradual growth so that instead of manifesting bodies at the physical level, in an instant creation, so to speak. Instead, there was created this long process that you now see as the history of biological evolution. What we allowed to happen at the physical level was that this very long process happened, that gradually brought forth more and more complex life forms—more and more complex physical bodies until we had the kind of bodies that had the complex nervous system that you today associate with the human body. There was a long period of time where there were no beings from the spiritual realm that took embodiment at the physical level. But there were beings who were at the identity, mental and emotional level.

Basically, we can say that we have from previous teachings given the concept of root races, of waves of lifestreams that came to earth. But what was sort of  left unanswered in those ages was where those people, those root races, descended, to—where they took embodiment.  And again, to give you the simplest possible explanation here, the first root races descended to the identity realm. And they ascended from the identity realm. The second root race to the mental realm ascended from there. The third root race to the emotional realm. And then we have given the teachings previously that there was a fourth root race and that was where the fall happened.

Now you could think that the fourth root race took embodiment directly in the physical realm but they actually did not. The fourth root race started to descend to earth a very, very long time ago, before the process of evolution had brought forth physical bodies that are as complex as what you see today. The fourth root race actually took embodiment in all of the three higher realms. And there were some of those beings from the fourth root race, primarily the ones in the mental and emotional realm, most of them in the emotional realm, who went into the dualistic consciousness and could not come back from it. They could not, as Maitreya describes in his book, come back to the teacher. And so that is why you have the whole concept that there was an Edenic or more idyllic state in the past, where they had, as the Bible says, contact with God. But it was actually with their spiritual teachers. They had a direct experience of their spiritual teachers because at the time, the ascended teachers could go to all of the three higher realms. They could manifest themselves in the emotional realm because it had not been polluted as it is now. Even in the emotional realm they had direct contact, not physical contact, but the parallel to what you would say was a physical contact. They could directly perceive and interact with their spiritual teachers. But some of them, then went into duality, and would not come back for a variety of reasons.

That meant that when their root race ascended, they could not stay in the identity, mental and emotional realms. They fell, so to speak, in vibration into the physical realm. That was when they started taking physical embodiment. And this happened at the same time as the process of evolution had brought forth physical bodies with the characteristics necessary for spiritual beings to take embodiment in them. What you see here, you can explain this in various ways, but you could say that given the matrix for the earth, then the physical realm was a sort of safety net, a safety mechanism, that if any of the beings embodying in the three higher realms would fall into duality and could not come back, then they could take embodiment at the physical realm and receive another opportunity to learn from being on earth. Again, this is not meant to be the full and final explanation of this, but it is what I feel I can give at this moment given that we do not have a broader foundational teaching to explain it more fully.


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