The role of the Buddha and the Christ

Question: Gautama Buddha had thousands of followers, whereas Jesus only had hundreds. Was the collective consciousness in India much higher than that in Israel or were there other reasons that affected the number of respective followers?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Well, it is correct that the consciousness in Israel is much lower or was much lower than it was in India. Israel or the Middle East is certainly one of the darkest areas, if not the darkest area on earth and that is why Jesus descended there but we also have to look at the simple fact that Jesus’ public mission lasted three years, whereas mine lasted longer.

I can assure you that Jesus and I are not really playing the numbers game, pointing the finger, saying, “I had more followers than you did”. It is also a matter of looking at it from a different perspective because you can say that, the role of the Buddha is to withdraw from society, create an ashram and let people come to him and then you present a teaching for those who are ready for that teaching. When I appeared, there were many people that were ready for some higher teaching, so they were willing to come apart.

The role of the Christ is not to set himself apart in an ashram but to go out into the highways and byways of life and so to speak, provoke people, get into their face even if they are not yet ready for it. So, it is easier for the Buddha to attract followers than for the Christ because the Christ also has the role of challenging the power elite and even though I did this also by my mere presence, I didn’t go out there and directly challenge them as Jesus did.

The Christ had a different mission and part of his mission was to bring the judgment and that was so important that it took precedence over attracting followers. But of course, Jesus also had many, many people, who met him, who listened to him during his ministry. You can say he only had a certain amount of disciples but he certainly had many people who heard him speak and were moved by it.


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