The role of Canada in the world

Question: What is the role of Canada in the world from a higher perspective?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

The role of Canada is to be Canada.  That is of course not a very specific answer.  But the question is, “is it meaningful to give a more specific answer?” Because the Canadian people, as the people of any nation have a certain collective consciousness and this is not meant only in a negative, although all nations have certain not so constructive momentum, but all nations have a positive potential to bring forth something, to give some kind of positive example to the world.

It really isn’t so much that Canada has a role in the world. Canada has the potential to provide a balance for the United States. If you look at Canada, you see that in some ways Canada is a more advanced democracy than the United States, you have more healthcare you have a different attitude. You are not so aggressive. Canada is not really a nation that is out to police the world. So Canada has the potential to hold a spiritual balance for the United States, even if the United States never realizes and acknowledges that this is happening. You do this by continuing to develop and express the qualities that you have.

You can say that right now there is the negative potential where you are saying that Canadians are always apologizing. They are not very willing to take a stand for themselves.

But there is a positive potential of this, that Canadians are not as aggressive as Americans. They are more willing to look at themselves to evaluate whether what they are doing is the highest that it could be. The fact that you are more willing to apologize is also an important quality, because you are willing to acknowledge if you have stepped too far, and therefore say, “We recognize that we have gone too far. We want to make amends and we apologize for it.” That is not a quality you see particularly pronounced south of the border.

You see, for example, how the German nation has repeatedly apologized for the Holocaust and the Second World War and the whole Nazi debacle. This has been very important for the healing of the German people to do this. It really could also be important for the American national psyche, to be healed by doing this and whether that will ever happen or not, remains to be seen.

But certainly one potential that Canada has is to give that example, that you don’t have to take yourself so seriously, that you become almost paranoid about acknowledging your mistakes, completely unwilling to acknowledge your mistakes, that it is actually far easier, far, far greater relief and freedom for you if you acknowledge your mistake, apologize for it, and then you can move on rather than continuing to suppress the mistake, which leads to a tension in the national psyche.

There is a very strong tension in the American national psyche, based on some of the actions that have happened, really starting very seriously with the Vietnam War, but also both the first and the second Gulf War, but of course many other things, such as the CIA doing government takeovers and creating revolutions in various countries and many other things like this. So there are many things that the American nation could benefit from apologizing for.

It is a potential that the Canadian people could give an example but even hold a spiritual balance that would allow America to move closer to that point, because it is clear that Canadians are not taking themselves and their nation as seriously as the Americans do.


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