The ritual of Communion is already outdated

Question: In the dictation of Jesus from October 23, 2005, he talks about communion. But why isn’t communion being held these days?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, partly because we are moving you towards a new view of your relationship with us. You need to recognize that in the early days of this dispensation, we were providing more of a bridge between the previous dispensations and this new one. We were using terminology that was familiar in the previous dispensations, we were using certain concepts and images and we were giving more of these outer rituals that were more important to people in the previous dispensations.

Today we are hoping to move you to a point where you realize that the real way to connect to the ascended masters is to go within, in your heart. And that what blocks you from having a direct relationship with us is your unresolved psychology. So by resolving that, you will gain more of a personal inner connection to us. This means that you will have less and less need of these outer things.

You may look at the Christian tradition for Communion and you may see that many Christians actually believe that when some Christian minister gives a blessing to the bread and the wine, it is turned into the literal body and blood of Christ. This of course, is not realistic. It is still bread and wine. The reality here is again, that nothing is really mechanical, you can create a ritual but it doesn’t mean that any priest who reads a certain blessing has the power of the Holy Spirit to turn it into the body and blood of Christ.

And what is the body and blood of Christ? Is it the physical body and the physical blood? There are non-Christians who accuse Christians of being cannibals, because they eat the body and blood of their leader. Obviously, the ritual of Communion was never meant to be taken literally, as if you are literally eating human flesh and human blood. The body and blood of Christ is a symbol for the vibration, the consciousness of Christ. You cannot take in that symbol automatically by eating bread and drinking wine. You need to go within and absorb it directly from me. But there was such a low consciousness in those early centuries that people needed some physical thing.

So maintaining this to this day is actually already outdated, even in the Christian churches. So maintaining it in an ascended master organization is also outdated. That being said, there is nothing to stop you from doing this if you feel you need it. You can set it up so you have bread and you have wine and you bless this or you read some kind of blessing or prayer over it. If it helps people, I have no objection to people doing it but I have also clearly stated that I encourage people to go beyond it, where you do not need these physical rituals in order to connect with us, for after all, you are capable all of you are realizing that it is the inner connection that matters, and that it does not depend on anything outside yourself, only the openness of your own psychology.


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