The reward for service is the joy of serving

Question:  If you achieve a certain level of your divine plan, is there self satisfaction at the conclusion of this lifetime and what reward if any is there?

Answer from the Ascended Master Master More through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

I have an old saying that the reward for service is more service. As we have even said today, the reward for service is actually the joy of serving, the joy of feeling the flow from above flowing through your lower being. There is no greater joy on earth than feeling the flow of your I AM Presence coming through you.

Naturally you could say that there could be what you could conceive of as a reward from the ascended masters in the sense that as you gain more and more clarity and attunement with your divine plan, more and more willing to work with it, we of course may be able to work with you. And depending on what your divine plan is, give you certain ideas and concepts that you could bring into the physical and use in various ways.

You could call this a kind of reward.  Otherwise the ultimate reward of course is your ascension where you by fulfilling your divine plan, may qualify for your ascension and I can assure you that when you go through that process of the ascension, no other reward you could ever conceive of on earth feels necessary. It is a joy beyond anything you have ever experienced on earth and certainly all consideration of any reward beyond that becomes obsolete.


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