The Venusians’ role is to ascend

Question: What is today’s mission for those who are the Venusians? Is it to build a Golden Age? Or is that not their purpose and it should be done by the original Earth inhabitants and a Venusian should ascend? How many Venusians are now on earth? Does Sanat Kumara continue to work with earth and the Venusian rescue team?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

The Venusians did not come to earth to build a Golden Age. They came to earth for a specific purpose of rescuing it from a downward spiral. Their role is not to stay on earth and build a Golden Age here. Their role is to ascend. There are still tens of thousands of Venusians left in embodiment because they have entered into a reactionary pattern with certain fallen beings. You can take the book, My Lives, and the description of avatars coming to earth. Basically, most of what is said there about avatars applies equally to the Venusians.

Even though you can say that the book describes a natural planet that was not part of this solar system, still the Venusians came on a very similar mission as avatars—for a similar reason as avatars, to create a positive change on earth. They have, of course, as avatars been the targets of the fallen beings where the fallen beings have attempted to draw them into a reactionary pattern and keep them locked in that indefinitely.

The primary task of the remaining Venusians is to get out of this pattern and qualify for their ascension from earth. And by qualifying for your ascension, you are, of course, doing the maximum that can be done to pull up on the earth. You can, therefore, use our teachings on avatars, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and so forth, to come to this point. Sanat Kumara is obviously still working with earth and Sanat Kumara and Venus and others from Venus are seeking to help the Venusians, particularly, but all of us are really seeking to help both the Venusians and other avatars come to the point where you can ascend from earth.


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