The relationship between karma and illness

Question: How do karma and diseases relate to each other? Why and how can karma be redeemed by having illness? What is the logic here?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, there is a very complex relationship between karma and illness. I will not here go into all aspects of it. But I will give you something, to see that there is a certain logic behind it.

What does an illness do? In some cases, it means that there are certain things that people cannot do. To put it in a sort of black and white terms. A person gets a certain illness, that means he cannot become a soldier and go to war. This means he is prevented from making the karma he would have made by going to war and killing other people. This karma, this illness, the karma that resulted in this illness was made in a previous lifetime where the person did go to war and did kill people. When this karma came back to the physical, it manifested as a physical illness that prevented the person from making more karma. This is one way that karma and illness are related.

Now, it can also be that a person has decided in his or her Divine plan that you want to achieve a certain growth in this lifetime. And in order to achieve that growth, you have to overcome a certain momentum that you have had from past lives. In other words, you have to look at yourself and realize that you have a certain momentum. Let us just again, express it in simple terms—you have a certain momentum of always arguing with other people, always wanting to be right. And you have decided that this has destroyed or distorted many of your embodiments. And it is time that you want to overcome it.

You want to force yourself to confront this momentum in this lifetime. You put this in your Divine plan, and you have the potential that you could come to see this, because of course, you come in with this momentum, so you will be arguing with other people. And you can come to the point where you see this, and you decide, I do not want this anymore, I want to stop this. But of course, it is also possible that you refuse to see it, or you refuse to do anything about it. And in that case, you could have yourself put in your Divine plan, that your karma from past lives will materialize a physical illness, that makes it more difficult for you to argue and fight with people. And therefore, it forces you to take a look at yourself, or at least it gives you an opportunity to take a look at yourself and ask yourself: “Why am I having this illness? What is behind it?”

You see that in most cases, the karma manifesting as an illness is because you want to prevent yourself from making karma, or you want to make it more difficult for you to ignore the lessons you need to learn. There can be other reasons, you are holding a balance for the collective, you are taking on a certain collective karma. And you want to demonstrate that either you can live a constructive life with an illness or that you can overcome an illness. There are various reasons for this. But at least I have given you something to ponder here.

Again, this is not the full picture because the full picture is very, very complex. Quite frankly, if you look at some of the deliberations and calculations that the Karmic Board makes, in terms of what karma to release and what karma to hold back, it is extremely complex as we have said before. Even the best supercomputers could not handle the calculations that are being made by the Karmic Board and their helpers.


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