The real rapture: Jesus comments on the illusions in the Left Behind books

TOPICS: The rapture is complete fiction – fear-based Christianity engineered by dark forces – extremism and fanaticism – what would happen if all good people were removed? – God has no desire to destroy earth – the flood did not kill all people; it was a localized event – God is not angry and judgmental – God is unconditional love – the only real solution is that people walk the path to Christhood – Christianity is actively preventing people from following Jesus’ example – people control their own destiny and God will not interfere – Jesus will not come back to solve our problems –  anti-christ is not a single person – Christ and anti-christ are states of consciousness that people can embody – only when many people embody the Christ consciousness will God’s kingdom come to earth 

Question: My friends’ church tells her Jesus will come again and all who believe in him will be raptured. The pastor teaches her that at this rapture people will be lifted up immediately into heaven with Jesus at the second coming. If they are driving a car, or piloting a plane, or even having a baby, they will go, and the plane would crash, the car will keep on going without them, and the baby would go with them. Everyone left will have to suffer through a series of tribulations that are interpreted from the book of Revelations very literally and horribly. What does Jesus say about the rapture, and about the series of books titled Left Behind, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I have no problem with people reading these books, as long as they consider them to be works of religious fiction. I do, however, have a problem with the fact that millions of people have read these books and have either taken them literally and believe they give a true account of what could happen or have become so confused by these books that they don’t know what to believe.

Let me make a very clear statement. The idea of the rapture, as described in the Left Behind books and described by certain fundamentalist churches especially in the United States, is completely fictional. It has absolutely no basis in reality.

It would be too mild to say that this idea was based on a misinterpretation of the Bible. In reality, this mindset is inspired, one might say engineered, by dark forces in a deliberate attempt, and I might say a desperate attempt, to keep the largest possible number of Christians in the fear-based mindset in which they have been trapped for almost 2,000 years.

As I explain throughout my website,  it was one of the greatest tragedies of the Christian dispensation that orthodox Christianity became turned into a fear-based religion, which denies the fact that every human being has the potential to follow in my footsteps and manifest personal Christhood. The real problem with this fear is that it causes people to think in terms of black and white. This gives rise to extremist thinking, which so easily leads to fanaticism, as you can clearly see from some of the atrocities committed by so-called Christians, be it the Inquisition the Crusades or many others, including the current war in Iraq.

One of my great hopes for my website is that it will help people escape this fear-based, all-or-nothing, black-and-white state of consciousness, so that they can discover the middle way of the Christ consciousness. Let me offer a few remarks for those who are willing to think about this and seek their own answers in their hearts instead of looking for fear-based interpretations coming from preachers or authors who do not have the mind of Christ.

What could possibly be God’s purpose for suddenly removing all of the good people from planet earth? When you understand the teachings I am giving on this website on the fact that everything is energy, you realize that there is a fundamental connection between the consciousness of humankind and the physical planet. As I attempt to explain throughout this website, the misery and suffering you see on this planet is a direct product of the fact that so many people have fallen into a lower state of consciousness. As Mother Mary explains in her discourses, it is indeed this lower state of consciousness that gives rise to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and so forth.

The stark reality on planet earth is that the only thing that prevents a planetary cataclysm is that there are so many people on this planet who have reached a high level of consciousness, namely a level of personal Christhood. These people literally hold the balance, in a spiritual way, for planet earth. If these people were suddenly removed from this planet, nature and physical matter itself would instantly begin to break down. So if a rapture, as described in the Left Behind books, were to happen, you would, within a matter of days, see a cataclysm that would literally wipe out 90% of the people (and all other forms of life) on this planet.

My point here is that if the rapture, as described in these books and preached by certain fundamentalist churches, were to actually happen, the earth would instantly cease to be a viable platform for the spiritual evolution of lifestreams. In other words, the whole premise of the books, namely what happens to those who are left behind, would be a moot point because there would be very few people left behind after the cataclysm was over.

As I explain throughout this website, planet earth was created for one purpose only, namely to give lifestreams a platform for their spiritual evolution. God has no desire to destroy this planet because that would counteract the purpose of giving lifestreams an opportunity to grow spiritually by seeing the consequences of their actions.

I am aware that many Christians have been brought up to fear that God could suddenly kill all human beings, as is described in the biblical flood. So let me take this opportunity to tell you bluntly that the biblical flood did not destroy all people on this planet save the family of Noah. The biblical flood did take place but it was a localized event, and there were millions of people on this planet that were not affected by the flood whatsoever.

A basic knowledge of genetics should show you that if there suddenly was only a handful of people left on this planet, the gene pool would be so shallow that they would die out very quickly due to birth defects. Incidentally, this also applies to the story of the Garden of Eden, and this shows that there were more people on earth than Adam and Eve.

Let me make it very clear that God has no desire whatsoever to destroy this planet or to destroy humankind. This is not to say that the earth could not go through some type of tribulation in which natural disasters would occur at a larger scale than what is currently seen (which is already a tribulation). This is possible because we are in the transition between two spiritual cycles, or ages, as explained elsewhere. If people will not go through the necessary change in consciousness, as Mother Mary explains, the result will be natural disasters or wars that forcefully break up the old patterns of thinking.

Yet as I explain throughout this website, this is not God’s punishment. This is simply people punishing themselves by continually going against the basic laws that God used to create planet earth. Therefore, people are creating such a burden of negative energy that it eventually causes the physical planet to start breaking down.

As I explained in my discourse on the fact that people can create a false God, the true God is not an angry and judgmental God. God is a God of unconditional love. God has given human beings free will, and if they will not listen to the teachings on unconditional love and universal spirituality, then people must learn from seeing the consequences of their actions. Precisely because God’s love is unconditional, God will allow people to destroy themselves, if that is what they insist on doing. The reason being that this is the only way people can learn.

Right now humankind can be said to be in a ship that is taking on water. Obviously, the permanent solution to this problem is to find the leaks in the hull of the ship and close those leaks. The only way to do that is that a critical mass of people discover, accept and decide to follow the inner spiritual path that I describe on this website and that I preached 2,000 years ago to those who had an ear to hear. I am not saying this website is the only place you can find descriptions of this inner path because it is truly found in all the major religions and in many other places as well. Nevertheless, the only thing that can stop the ship from sinking is that a critical mass of people make a serious and determined effort to manifest personal Christhood.

The tragedy that I see in Christianity today is that the vast majority of Christians have been programmed with a set of serpentine lies that cause them to reject their potential to manifest Christhood. They have literally been brought up to reject Christ in themselves, which means that they also reject the Christ in me, because inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my little one, which includes yourself, you have done it unto me.

Unfortunately, the idea of the rapture and of the second coming of Christ only reinforces this mindset by throwing people into a state of fear, in which they believe they have absolutely no control over their destiny. As I explain throughout this website, God has given people free will, and therefore God has no control over the destiny of the earth. It is up to people to save this planet, and they can do so only by manifesting a higher state of consciousness than what you current see.

I am not thereby saying that the millions of Christians who strive to live good lives are not helping to improve the situation on this planet. Unfortunately, what they are doing can be compared to people who are using buckets to bail the water out of the sinking ship. The problem is that bailing out water does nothing to close the holes in the hull of the ship, and therefore more water keeps coming in. And currently there is more water coming in than the Christians on this planet are bailing out or can bail out.

That is why I need some of these Christians, those who claim to be my followers and who are not afraid to listen to my Living Word in their hearts, to abandon the black-and-white thinking and to take responsibility for their salvation and the salvation of the planet. I need them to wake up and make the effort to manifest Christ consciousness, which will close the holes in the hull of the ship and stop it from sinking.

Let me also say that the Left Behind books give an inaccurate portrayal of the second coming of Christ. As I explain elsewhere, I will not suddenly appear in the sky and solve all of humankind’s problems. People must uncreate what they have created.

Another problem with these books is the presentation of a third anti-christ in the form of a single person. It simply is not true that there will be one person who represents anti-christ and there will be one appearance of Christ. As I explain throughout this website, the second coming of Christ means that a large number of people embrace the path to Christhood and manifest individual Christ consciousness. The reality of the situation is that there is a universal Christ mind, and it can be expressed in this world only through individual Christhood.

Likewise, there is a universal mind of anti-christ, and it must also be expressed in this world through individual people. Therefore, any person has the potential to manifest Christ consciousness, and any person has the potential to manifest the anti-christ consciousness. Any person who reaches for the Christ consciousness will become part of the second coming of Christ. Any person who reaches for the anti-christ consciousness, or who does not resist this consciousness, will become part of the coming of anti-christ.

Incidentally, this includes some people who think they are good Christians but who are so trapped in the fear-based approach to religion that they promote the idolatrous lies about me that were truly engineered by the consciousness of anti-christ in a deliberate attempt to prevent the true second coming of Christ, namely the coming of Christ in you.

Can you see my point? The Left Behind books and many of the orthodox Christian doctrines promote the lie that people are not responsible for their situation. These ideas literally say that people can do nothing to change the situation because the problems are caused by a single anti-Christ and they will be solved by a single Christ. In reality, the problems on this planet are caused by the fact that almost every human being, from time to time, becomes an expression of the consciousness of anti-christ. The problems will be solved only when a critical mass of people decide to become expressions of the consciousness of Christ.


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