The question about the causal body

Question: I am confused by the causal body, where positive momentums from our physical embodiments are put into the storehouses up in heaven, can this be described further? What exactly are we accumulating in the causal body? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well the simplest way to describe this is to say that any experience that you are having while you are in in physical embodiment, you are having that experience through, in many cases, your separate selves and therefore you might experience a certain condition as a negative experience, there isn’t anything positive you can see about it, it’s unpleasant and you just want to avoid it but your I AM Presence is looking at this from the outside, it is not inside these external or these separate selves, so it has an entirely different experience. Any experience you are having, the I AM Presence can extract a positive lesson from it or positive experience from it and therefore, it is that experience that is stored in the causal body.

You might then ask, “Well, what if you, the conscious you, if you are having a positive experience or an experience of expanding your consciousness, expanding your understanding and overcoming, is that also stored in the causal body?” The answer to that is slightly more complex, because it can be stored in a causal body but not exactly the way you see it at the level of the conscious you, but again at the level of the I AM Presence. So you could say that the I Am Presence is the guardian of what goes into your causal body, not the conscious you. The I AM Presence looks at every experience the conscious you has and decides, should it go into the causal body or should it not.

Then you might ask the question, “Well, if you have had many, many lifetimes and in many of those lifetimes you were suffering, you were poor, you led an eventless life, what can the I AM Presence get out of that?”  There is a certain element where you could say that if you have had many, many lifetimes, where you repeat the same pattern, you must say that there is no new experience for the I AM Presence. It has already seen what it needs to see from that type of experience, but nevertheless, it can accumulate these experiences in the causal body where they then gradually can reach a certain mass that makes it easier for you to tune into it from the level of the conscious you and sort of access what we might say is an accumulated memory. This can then help you make the decision that you no longer want to repeat that experience. You have had enough of it. This can help you make that conscious decision that then raises you to a higher level where you start having a different experience, having a different lifetime.


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