A question about guardian angels

Question: I’d like to ask Jesus, please let me know more about the guardian angel. During my dark days, a guardian angel appeared in my dream and helped me several times. I was so sad in my dream that I jumped out of the apartment and at that time, the guardian angel hugged me in the middle and saved me. Also, there was a time when he appeared and gave me a soft, warm kiss on my forehead, even when I was unable to move due to sleep paralysis. Sometimes I just saw a guardian angel emitting golden and bright white light on his face and whole body. Through these experiences, I learned that I am not alone, and that there is a lovely and grateful being who always helps me. My question is as follows: Is there only one guardian angel assigned to one person, or several angels to one person? I have seen and experienced the presence of a guardian angel for a while. But now it has been quite a while since I experienced it. I feel sad not to see the guardian angel and I feel somewhat obsessed with it. I want to have a more balanced attitude towards guardian angels. I would like to get some advice from Jesus on this.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

You need to recognize here that there are certain terms, certain words that become common in, we might call it the spiritual or religious community, and all of a sudden, they start being used to the point where different people interpret different things when they say the same words. There are many different concepts that are read into this. You will see that there was a time where religious people only conceived of basically two kinds of spiritual beings existing in the spiritual realm, namely God and angels. Some people saw more than one God, but still, there was God, there were angels.

Based on this attitude, there was the concept that there can be a guardian angel who is seeking to guide you and help you. But in reality, most of what people have called guardian angels were not really of the angelic realm but were ascended masters that appeared to people, and people interpreted this to be an angel appearing to them.

There was also a tradition in the Summit Lighthouse, for example, of seeing your Holy Christ Self as your guardian angel. But again, your Christ Self is not of the angelic realm, but it is an extension of an ascended master. Really, I am not saying that there are no people that have contact with the angelic realm, but in general, guardian angels are ascended masters that are assigned to help you. There is not just one guardian angel for each person. Most people will, for a time, work with one particular master. After some time, they may be passed on to another master, as you clearly see in the self-mastery course, where you start with Master More and are then passed on to the other Chohans.

Now, the reason why you may have experienced the guardian angel, for a time, is twofold. First of all, guardian angels are often not seen by people who are in what we call a balanced state of mind. For most people, it is that when they are in an unbalanced state of mind, they are open to seeing something beyond the normal. Therefore, often in a crisis situation, people experience some other-worldly presence that is helping them. You can see many experiences out there from people who have felt that in an accident, for example, they were saved or helped by what they see as an angel of some kind.

And it is not that this is invalid. In those kinds of situations, it is often beings from the angelic realm that step in. But when it comes to guidance, this is primarily the ascended masters and, again, often it is a crisis situation where people are open to seeing us. Then when you get back to a more balanced state of mind, you do not directly perceive us. This does not mean we are not there. We are there. But, of course, there may be times where we are not as active because you do not need it, or you are not as open to it. When you are in a crisis situation, we seek to help you get back on track. But if you are in a situation where you feel you are okay, then many people go back to focusing on their daily lives and are not as open to our guidance.

The best thing you can do is, first of all, not be obsessive about this, not demand it. You have to realize a very simple psychological mechanism. A spiritual experience of any kind is an experience that is beyond your normal level of consciousness. If you focus your normal level of consciousness on wanting a spiritual experience, and if you strain your mind in order to have it, then you are closing your mind to the experience. The more you strain the mind, the more difficult it becomes for you to have any kind of spiritual experience. Many people will have recognized this, that when they try to force an experience, they cannot have it. Having a spiritual experience is a matter of letting go. You cannot do that if you are in an obsessive-compulsive state of mind.

You can give various decrees to Archangel Michael and Astrea to help cut you free from the entities or the demons that are trying to pull you into this strong reaction, this obsessive-compulsive reaction. But you can also simply work with yourself and realize that when you have experienced us once, you know we are there. And you know we are always there, seeking to guide you. It is a matter of you being open, but you don’t demand that we appear to you, on command. You just do what you need to do. Do what is part of your path. Give the invocations and decrees. Study the teachings. And then you are non-attached to whether or not you have any kind of experience. You do not seek to push it because that pushes it away. You just allow it to happen or not happen, as it will. The more non-attached, the more neutral, the more open you can be, the more likely you are to have various experiences.

But, of course, there also come stages of the spiritual path where you do not need our direct guidance, at least not in a way that you see us through the inner sight or even see us physically. There come higher stages of the path where you just, once in a while, get an inner impulse from us that you do not consider any big other-worldly experience, but you know where it comes from, you heed it and then you move on.

You have to realize that as was just expressed by the messenger, the higher you go on the path, the less drama, the less contrast there is on the path. And, therefore, the less you will experience us as some being outside yourself, but you will experience us much more as an inner presence that you feel a connection with, even a oneness with, instead of this external being that suddenly appears to you.


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