The purpose of saying mantras, affirmations or decrees is to invoke spiritual light

Question: Dear Master Jesus: Could you please explain the purpose of saying mantras? I am in the process of trying to indoctrinate myself from orthodox Christianity. Since orthodox Christianity teaches that saying mantras is “of the devil,” I would like to know the truth about this practice and if it would really aid spiritual growth.

Curious truth seeker

Answer from Jesus:

As explained elsewhere, the purpose of saying mantras, affirmations or decrees is to invoke spiritual light and draw it into your personal energy field or into the energy field of the planet. You can direct the spiritual light to form a shield of high-frequency energy around your field to give you spiritual protection. Or you can invoke spiritual light that will transform negative energy into a higher vibration. Because you are invoking spiritual light, it is appropriate to say a mantra more than once.

As explained in the The Secret Coming of Christ, orthodox Christianity has become trapped in a fear-based approach to religion. This approach is in direct opposition to the love-based approach that I taught and demonstrated. One effect of this fear-based approach is that many Christians tend to label anything which is different from traditional Christian practices as being of the devil. This happens almost automatically, and most Christians do not bother to examine a topic properly before they label it as evil.

If you take a look at Christianity itself, you will see that it has an old tradition for using the power of the spoken word. You are using the spoken word to invoke spiritual energy when you give the Our Father, say the rosary or sing many Christian songs. The same happens through the Gregorian chants, the reading of Scripture out loud or the recitation of other Christian prayers and rituals.

The process used by Christians in these ways is essentially the same as the process used by many other religions in which people use spoken mantras or affirmations. It is quite unfortunate that orthodox Christians have labeled the prayers or affirmations used by other religions as mantras and have labeled all mantras as being of the devil. This is a fear-based and close-minded approach that has no constructive value whatsoever.

I am not hereby saying that all mantras are good. There are certainly some mantras that have a negative effect, and therefore one might label them as being of the devil. Nevertheless to label all mantras or the technique of saying mantras as being of the devil is simply incorrect.

One of the main characteristics of personal Christhood is the ability to discern between what is of God and what is not of God. As you attain Christhood, you will build this discernment, which starts as intuition. However, it is a simple fact that you can learn only by doing. You can build Christ discernment only by exercising your ability to discern even while it is not yet perfectly clear.

The unfortunate effect of a fear-based approach to religion is that people are afraid to exercise their intuitive faculties. They have managed to get themselves into a state of consciousness where they believe that if they make a mistake, they will go to hell. They easily get into a state of mind based on a black-and-white perspective, an all-or-nothing approach to spiritual growth. They believe it is so important to avoid making a mistake that it is better not to try at all. Yet the simple fact is that if you don’t try, you will never develop the ability to discern what is truth and what is error.

Imagine that you have a child who is so afraid of falling down that it does not dare to try to walk. No child could ever learn to walk without experimenting, and in experimenting it will inevitably fall down. If the child refuses to experiment, it will never learn to walk.

Unfortunately, this is what happens to many Christians who take the fear-based approach to religion. In their refusal to use their intuitive faculties to discern what is truth and what is a lie, they prevent themselves from developing those faculties. Therefore, they begin to believe that they cannot know truth on their own, so they should allow some church authority to do their thinking for them. This often aborts these people’s spiritual progress and confines them to a certain level of consciousness. They will remain at that level of consciousness until they decide to run the risk of exercising their discernment even while it is not perfect.

If you read the scriptures, you will see that I often chastised my disciples for having too little faith or too little understanding. However, I did not reject my disciples because they were not perfect. I continued to work with them to help them grow, and this is what every true spiritual teacher will do. No spiritual teacher requires the student to become perfect instantly. The real requirement is that the student is willing to try and to keep trying. As long as the student does not stop trying, and does not stand still, the student is fulfilling the requirements of being on the spiritual path that leads to God.

If you are not willing to try, not willing to open the mind to new ideas, you have essentially turned your back upon God and upon me. Many Christians sit in their churches and feel holier than other people. Yet I tell you that they are unreachable for me or for any other spiritual teacher. They have built walls around their minds that prevent their spiritual growth. I gave my life to bring forth the teaching that could set people free from bondage. Do you think I am happy with the fact that so many orthodox Christians have used my teaching to build prison walls around their minds?


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