The purpose of oceans on earth

Question: What is the purpose of such large oceans on this planet, when there could be so much more land mass for more life streams to embody? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, the actual physical characteristics of the planet are the result of some very, very complex conditions and equations, that definitely relate to the collective consciousness. Part of the equation is, of course, that water is associated with the emotional body. And you can see that there have been periods even in known history, where the water level has been lower, at least in certain regions. And there are settlements that are now submerged under the ocean.

The size of the oceans right now, the amount of water on the planet has some correlation with the disharmony in the emotional body of the planet, the collective emotional body. But the actual conditions are so complex that they really cannot be described in a linear way. We have over the years seen many, many students who find a spiritual teaching, and then they use the linear mind to want to understand all aspects of the teaching. But there are many conditions that are so complex, that they cannot actually be described in a way that the linear mind can grasp because the linear mind has a linear relationship between cause and effect. It wants to be able to say: “Well, here is a particular phenomenon. It must have an effect that can explain exactly why the phenomenon is the way it is.

This is the Newtonian world view of the world as a large machine, where if you know the present conditions, you can predict how the machine will change in the future, because there’s a one on one relationship between cause and effect. But when you step up to an understanding of consciousness, you realize that consciousness is not a linear phenomenon. And so, when you look at anything on earth, any phenomenon on earth, materialistic science wants to believe that a materialistic phenomenon only has a materialistic cause, and there is a one on one relationship between cause and effect.

But as we have explained, both here in this conference, and previously, everything is affected by consciousness. Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. And consciousness is not a linear phenomenon. Therefore, there isn’t always a clearly linear relationship between cause and effect, you cannot take a particular condition like the size of the oceans, and map this to one particular effect, it is a result of a multitude of different causes and consciousness that simply cannot be explained in a linear way. And this, incidentally, is a teaching you can apply to many, many aspects of life, even many aspects of the spiritual path. Where you see so many times that spiritual students take the linear mind and project that spiritual phenomenon spiritual conditions, or the conditions in the ascended realm should have some linear cause or it should be possible to describe them in a way that the linear mind can grasp. But it simply isn’t.

You could even say that there’s a certain level where the linear mind runs up against its own limitations, and it simply breaks down the linear cause-effect relationship breaks down. And you now need to go to a more, which we might call intuitive or spherical understanding, in order to grasp that higher awareness. You see some spiritual students who remain stuck in a linear mind for an entire lifetime. And these are, for example, students that have accepted a past dispensation of the ascended masters and now they use a linear mind to say that anything that goes beyond contradicts what was said in that dispensation cannot be right, and therefore this cannot come from the ascended masters.

And you see of course, the same thing in many other spiritual movements in political movements, philosophies, and universities and all kinds of other places.


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