The political issues of the nation and its collective consciousness

Question: The Christians of this country didn’t seem excessively judgemental on our big chief celebrity. Christians were a major force that voted Trump into office even though he had a history that was not very close to the standards of modern Christianity. What would one or all of the ascended masters say about the largest American celebrity in the last fifty years –  Trump? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018

My beloved, I have commented earlier on the election and said that it doesn’t really matter so much to us who is president of the United States and one of the reasons of course is we know the Constitution and we know that the president has his powers limited by the Constitution for a very good reason – so that he cannot become a dictator.

Much of the focus of the entire election campaign around the president is so off balance because apparently the media in this nation has decided to ignore the Constitution and therefore, in their quest to create a sensation, they have built up the president to be some kind of god who, once he is sworn into office, has god-like powers to take this nation wherever he wants and that is a blatant ignoring of the facts of the Constitution.

Many Americans have been misled by this into thinking that it has a major impact on the nation and that it makes a huge difference to the nation whether this person or that person is elected president. We know, of course, that it makes not that big of a difference because the president’s powers are limited.

He is not the CEO of a privately owned company who can do whatever he wants and has god-like powers, which of course has been the greatest shock for Donald Trump to realise this, which he in some ways had not fully realised. He is still suffering from the illusion that he can do whatever he wants as president.

Every president, except a few who already realised it before they were elected, has had to come to this realisation that there isn’t that much you can do; you are sort of a front figure – the nation’s face to the world or the government’s face to the people – but your powers are really not that great. You realise of course that the current president has a desire to get attention and to build a certain self-image of being important and being a great president and so forth and so on. I think the best I could do for him personally was to not feed that and therefore I do not have very many comments on this. It is not so important; it is far more important what actually happens in Congress and the Senate but it is even more important what happens among the people.

We have seen a certain polarisation among the people because of Trump’s election. This has had both a positive and a not-so-positive effect. There are some people who have been awakened by Trump being elected to the point where they feel they have to do something, they have to get elected or they have to get involved with the political process.

In a sense I am always positive when people wake up and get involved because nothing is more dangerous to a democracy than apathy among the people. There are some people who have responded to the very dualistic statement, the black and white statements, made by Donald Trump and they have then seen it as their role to oppose him in any way they can. This is not the response we are looking for but there are other people who have been awakened and simply decided, “We have to get involved because we have to get beyond this black and white thinking and the very simplistic proposal of solutions to problems without actually understanding the problems fully.”

This is a positive trend and if this could grow it could have a positive impact that isn’t really related to Donald Trump as such but related to the fact that if people get involved with government and start making their voices heard, that is one of the few things that has a realistic chance of changing America in a positive direction.

As I have said before, whichever president gets elected, there is always the expression of a certain consciousness among the people and therefore the president represents a state of consciousness and it is an opportunity for the people to see the out-picturing of that state of consciousness. We are looking at what does this do in terms of helping the people see what works and what doesn’t work, what they want and what they don’t want in their nation.

We have said it before and I will probably say it again during one of my dictations but we are not looking so much for a particular result to be manifest in America, we are looking for the growth of the consciousness of the American people. That is why when a president is elected we of course accept that as the process, the political process was, this was the person that got elected and then we are looking at how can we help Americans learn the lesson they can learn from this and therefore take the nation forward, take the collective consciousness forward.

There are many things I could say but I do not feel they are relevant because I am happy enough to allow people to respond to this president any way they want. I’m not going to make a statement about this or that because it is okay for me, it is acceptable to me that all people, including students of the ascended masters, respond based on their present level of consciousness and their present level of understanding.

What I will say of course is, refer to the many teachings we have given and realise that the people who think in black and white terms – or at least who express themselves in black and white terms – often have a simplified view of the issues.

One of the things that it would be helpful for people to realise, probably especially for ascended master students, is that America is a big country that has very complex issues because of its size because of the diversity of its population. There are no simple solutions, my beloved. I know that if you go back to previous ascended master dispensations, you can even point to dictations given by me and those dispensations and say did I not present a certain problem as being very simple and having a very clear-cut solution? And that is true but that was a previous dispensation where we could give only teachings to a certain level.

We are now giving teachings at a higher level and at a higher level you realise that issues are more complex than you thought previously. There is a point, as this messenger expressed earlier, where you have awakened to the spiritual path and you are suddenly seeing a lot of things you didn’t see before and you are overwhelmed by how much you have seen.

So you go through a phase where you want to get beyond that sense of being overwhelmed and in order to do this you start looking for some very simple, clear-cut solutions. This is right, this is wrong, we should do this: we should do that. But as I said, once you step beyond that, once as Jesus expressed it, once you reach the higher levels of Christhood and expand your discernment you begin to see that issues are more complex, they are more interconnected. You cannot just take a single issue out and then say that if we deal with this we will solve the major problems of the nation. This is not Christ discernment.

And that is why what we are hoping to guide you towards here is this understanding that there are very, very complex problems or issues in this nation. They are all interconnected because they are all expressions of various aspects of this collective consciousness. So you cannot simply look at one issue, focus your attention on that and think that this will actually, dealing with that issue, solve anything. For example foreigners coming into this country, they are not the problem in America. So if you portray that aliens, whether illegal or otherwise, are the problem and if we just shut them out by building a wall, we have solved the problem, you have oversimplified the problem to a degree that is simply not going to be effective – it cannot provide an effective solution.

We could say here that if you want to look at America, there is a certain group of problems that are attracting a lot of attention both in the media, in the political circles, and among the people but they are not consequential problems, they are diversionary, they actually divert attention away from the deeper, underlying issues. So dealing with these superficial problems is not going to provide the kind of solutions that Americans are actually looking for – they just don’t know they are looking for them but they are looking for something new. It was this “looking for something new” that made some people respond to Trump’s message but they are going to be, most of them, disappointed as some of them already have become disappointed because they realise that his solutions cannot actually solve the problems, cannot really bring America forward.

That is why, in order to avoid them becoming disillusioned with the political process, they need to step up and look away from the inconsequential problems and look at the deeper issues, which of course is what I aim to bring out in my comments in this conference.


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