The physical future on Earth, running out of resources, colonising other planets and the Golden Age

Question: I was wondering the physical future on Earth. Like we’re going to be running out of oil, alternative energy? People are planning on going to Mars in the next 50 years. How do these kind of things tie in with the coming of the Golden Age? I mean do those – Is there a connection there?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

My beloved, those who go to Mars will miss my Golden Age. Humor aside, it is always a tendency that you will see that some people respond to the awareness of a problem by wanting to run away from it. Psychologists have for many years operated with the fight and flight response; and so every time there is a new problem that comes to the public awareness there are some people that run away from it, some people want to fight it, and some people want to build a wall. And so, what you see is that as the consciousness is being raised, there are certain people that cannot ignore certain problems anymore and this ties in with the answer to the previous question of the conspiracy theories. There are many people on the planet that are asleep, spiritually, mentally, emotionally. They have created a certain comfortable life for themselves where nothing really disturbs them. We have even given the teachings that this was actually what was threatening to destroy the earth – that people had created such a society that was so uniform and there was no differences of opinions that even though they had a great sense of security and harmony, they were not growing. And so, this was what actually made us decide that fallen beings would be allowed to embody on the planet to upset the apple cart and get people out of this state of virtually being asleep, spiritually speaking.

And so, there are still many people that are like this and if you could say that the conspiracy theories and the fake news have a beneficial effect, it would be that it is sometimes the only way that these people can be awakened from their coma, and suddenly there is something that is so outrageous that there is a reaction. And there is a possibility that by them reacting so strongly they can gradually be awakened. There is also a possibility that they will go into what Mother Mary described of being addicted to this kind of reaction, and therefore, they go into a dead end but that is the case anytime there is a growth to a new level.

So, what you have – and I have addressed this before, for example, in my book on poverty (Help St. Germain Stop Poverty) – is that the fallen beings are always seeking to manipulate the situation, and the way they have done it now for thousands and thousands of years is they have created this philosophy of lack. And this was because there came a point where they had been instrumental in lowering the collective consciousness, densifying matter to the point where there was lack at the physical level. There were limited resources and therefore, it was relatively easy for the fallen beings to spread this philosophy of lack. And this you can see all up to the modern age, where you see this philosophy, such as the concept of limits to growth that was spread around in earlier decades.

And so, you have this entire philosophy that everything is limited and there will come a point where we run out of resources, whether it’s oil or something else, but I have addressed this before that you may run out of a particular resource, but you will not run out of resources. You will not run out of energy so it is simply an artificial construct. And it is in a way, the last ditch attempt of the fallen beings to save the consciousness of lack. Now they are using the environment, whether it’s global warming, whether it’s running out of resources, whether it’s over-population and all of these things, to say that the earth is inherently limited and therefore, there is an absolute limit that you cannot go beyond. But as I say in my book on poverty, this is a complete fabrication because even though oil is an important resource right now, I have other forms of energy that I am already ready to release, when the consciousness is raised to a sufficient level, that will make oil completely obsolete.

And there will come a time where people will look back at the present age and all the technology based on oil and think it is as primitive as you now consider an ox cart. And it will be obvious to people in that future, which is not necessarily so far away, that this was a very, very limited technology and they will be amazed that people could be so attached to oil-based technology and think that this was the only form of energy and the only way to drive machinery. They will be totally amazed that this consciousness could have such a hold on people for so long despite all the other technological progress that you have seen in the last hundred years.

And so, it is completely unnecessary to even speculate about traveling to another planet physically, colonizing other planets. Completely unnecessary! This planet is designed to hold 10 billion lifestreams that can all grow towards Christhood and have enough physical resources once we go to a higher level of the collective consciousness. And so, the physical future on Earth is that there will come a point within decades, hopefully within just a few decades, where we will have the release of what I have previously called technology that is not force-based. And once you start shifting the collective consciousness to accepting this kind of technology, the consciousness of lack will simply fade away because people will begin to accept the possibility that there is unlimited energy resources and therefore, there really are no limits to growth.

It is right now – the main obstacle is, as I have said before – the main obstacle to the Golden Age or the manifestation of the Golden Age is that people cannot accept it. They cannot accept it as a possibility and the reality is that you have already seen technology that is not force-based. The emphasis on green technology, whether its solar cells or wind power, is an example, but there is of course, much more advanced technology. But what has been brought forth so far is the technology that people can actually accept, that they can accept that this can work. You will see that the fallen beings have a major propaganda effort to prevent people from accepting the concept of free energy. This is the essence of non-force-based technology.

Force-based technology says you have a technological device, you must put something into it to get something out of it. This is force-based technology, the essence of force-based technology, but what are you putting into a solar cell? Well sunlight, yes, but are you producing it here on Earth? Nay. What are you putting into a wind mill? Do you drive the wind? No! So you see that there is already technology that gives you energy without you human beings having to put anything into it. So why is it so difficult to switch and realize there are other such forms of technology? And when the consciousness is raised enough these technologies will be released and there will come that point where you know that you have all of the energy you could ever need.

Why are the fallen ones creating this consciousness of lack? Well, partly because they can control you through it, but also because they can profit from it. What my beloved, is the one sentence they always give you about capitalism? Supply and demand. Well, the only way for a capitalist to conceive of making really big money is to have a monopoly on the supply of a certain good so that he can charge almost any price he wants. The other way to conceive of it making big money is that you can restrict supply so there is a lack of a certain resource and therefore, people are willing to either pay more for it or to even pay for it.

The situation you have today where people are programmed to think that they have to pay for energy is a completely artificial situation created by the fallen beings. There will come a future – not so distant – in the Golden Age where people will not even dream of paying money for energy because they have shifted to the point where they realize that energy should be free so that people are free to do whatever they want with it. There will come a point in the Golden Age, my beloved, where you can live on Earth without having to pay any big corporation or any state money to just exist.

How artificial is it that in order to simply exist, you have to pay money to the state, to these various big energy corporations and other companies? There will come a point where your basic physical survival is given to you for free, and this means that people cannot exploit you by forcing you to pay for the necessities of life. I am sort of getting ahead of myself, because one of the topics I wish to talk about at this conference is exploitation. So this is a glimpse of the physical future on Earth. And again, you need to decide where do you focus your attention; and if you are an ascended master student, focus on the manifestation of the Golden Age. Don’t focus on the problems.

You know you have the old saying: “Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.” Well, to a certain degree, being part of the solution means that you are not focusing your attention on the problems to the extent that you are giving them energy that magnifies the problem. You are focusing on the solution. You are focusing on raising consciousness, both your own and the collective. That is the way to look at the future. And I can assure you that the future of this planet is much brighter than the vast majority of the people can accept, but I would like you, who are my direct students, to accept it and to shift into this positive expectation of the future. And sure, there may be some events that will be disturbing because, as we have said, you cannot override the free will of the majority of the people, and they may have to experience some drastic conditions in order to awaken. But you can choose not to let this take you off the path of focusing on the positive and focusing on manifesting the Golden Age.


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