The physical and the spiritual ascension

Question: Could the masters explain what is physical ascension and what is spiritual ascension? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well my beloved, it’s not something that most of you need to be very concerned about because it becomes something of an obscure distinction. If you take my own situation, we have explained that after my mission in Palestine, I did go through what we have called a physical ascension, in the sense that my body was raised to a higher vibration, as we have explained in previous dispensations and therefore I did not have to take embodiment again. Yet I came back, as was also explained in previous dispensations and lived in Kashmir until the age of 81. Then I went through another ascension process, which was what we in the past chose to call the physical ascension and the spiritual ascension but these are just words to distinguish that there was a certain process. Now in the My Lives book, of course, we talk about my body being cremated and so you could do with that whatever you want.

The fact is there comes a point where a person leaves the physical body behind and the body dies and is cremated, buried – whatever. Then it may be that the person has to go through some inner work before it is ready to ascend. There have been a few instances where people have made what we have called a physical ascension, in the sense that the molecules of their body have been raised in vibration to a higher realm so that the body was no longer there. But these are very, very few and it is not something we are concerned about having our students demonstrate. The fact is that we want you to demonstrate that it is possible to ascend and what happens to the body is really immaterial in that process. Most people, who will be ascending in, say the next century, will not be ascending by raising the body up. The body will die and decay and the soul or the being will ascend.

Again, you can approach this in various ways. I realize there is some confusion if you look at previous ascended master teachings because there can be some discrepancies. The I AM Movement portrayed it as much easier to attain a physical ascension. In the Summit it was said that this was a very rare occurrence. It’s one of those things where, if you use the linear mind, you will end up getting yourself confused and you will say there was a contradiction between this movement and that. So what I’m saying is basically this: Focus on the psychological aspects of qualifying for your ascension and don’t even be concerned about what happens to the physical body. It’s not important for your ascension whether you shed your body or whether it is raised up; it makes no difference once you have ascended.


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