The non – hardcore fallen beings and the need to save a fallen being

Question: There were millions who volunteered to come here as avatars. I would like to know if the numbers were also in the millions, of angels who volunteered to come to help rescue the angels who fell knowing they would have to take on human form.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You will notice when you look at the teachings we have given through this dispensation that we do not anymore use the terminology, “fallen angels”. We used it in the beginning as a bridge between this dispensation and the previous dispensations where we talked about fallen angels.

The idea of fallen angels, of course, originated, at least in the present historical epoch with the Book of Revelation, where Lucifer fell from heaven, was cast down into earth, having great wrath and so forth and so on. Both the Christian religion and many other religions have had a somewhat primitive view, where they have thought that any being that is beyond the physical is an angel. There are people even in the New Age spiritual field today, who are in contact with beings in the higher emotional realm, the mental realm, or the identity realm, and they are convinced that these are angels. There are some spiritual people that are even in contact with ascended beings and think we are angels.

The reality here that we are working our way up to is, that we will at some point give a deeper teaching about this. But what I will say for now, without going into a larger context here is that there were no angels that fell as people normally conceive of angels. We have given this very profound teaching that the fall occurred in a previous sphere. Most people today look at angels as being in the spiritual realm. Well, a being who is in the spiritual realm cannot fall. It has ascended, it is beyond the possibility of falling. Only beings in an undescended sphere can fall. If you define angels as beings in the spiritual realm, then no angels ever fell and no beings from the spiritual realm took embodiment on earth in order to help those that fell. It is simply a mixing of the concepts.

What we prefer to say today is that there were beings that fell. But there were no beings that deliberately took embodiment from a higher realm in order to help the fallen beings. Now, when you had the situation in a previous sphere, where there was a planet, for example, where certain beings had set themselves up as the leaders. When these leaders fell, there were in some cases, many of their followers who followed them. They didn’t deliberately fall, they simply followed the leaders blindly as they have followed them for some time. Even though these beings have actually fallen, they are not really the hardcore fallen beings who rebelled consciously against growth.

There are some of these beings that are in embodiment today and that see it as their role to support the fallen beings or even help the fallen beings. Some have raised their consciousness to the point where they have actually started walking the spiritual path, but they still have an attachment to these hardcore fallen beings, and they have a desire to save these fallen beings. This is a very, very difficult and very dangerous position to be in. There are spiritual people, even a few ascended master students who are in this category and if you feel this applies to you, you would do very well to really seriously consider this. And to realize that your attachment to saving a fallen being comes from a separate self that was actually created in a previous sphere. It can be difficult to resolve, but by using the tools we have and being willing to really look at yourself, you can resolve it and I can assure you, you cannot ascend as long as you have a desire to save any fallen being. It just cannot be done. You must let go of this desire in order to ascend, even in order to reach the higher levels of Christhood.


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