The need to stop intellectualizing

TOPICS: You need to get inner directions – false teachers will tell you what to do – use the tools we have given to get inner direction – transcend a worldly standard – dark forces can signal you are ready to go higher on your path – stop intellectualizing – pain and extremes are not necessary –

Question: I have had 2 interesting occurrences that have happened in the last year. The first one was a visitation from a spirit who came to check on me. It was moving through the woods toward me. It had a human shape but it was completely black, a void that was moving through the woods. Having never had first-hand experience with the spirits, my first reaction was fear so what did I do; I threw a rock at it. Yeah I know it wasn’t really smart, but they just came to check up on me. Then the other was a deer that was in my yard and it walked behind the barn and when I went to check it was gone. So I have seen a spirit and the deer is a divine messenger from the other side but I didn’t get the message. So either I’m telling the truth or I’m telling a lie. your the one that could tell me the truth and if they were true then what did they come to me for.its very likely that I’ve gone crazy and i was delusional so whatever you can shine on this problem would be greatly helpful. Do they have anything to do with you or the other masters or have they been sent from the dark forces.

I’m at an impasse in my life and I am losing interest in questioning. I need to have a vision quest soon, or I could be lost the rest of my life. I’m not a pagan but I follow the earth-based teaching of Native Spirituality and I follow the teachings of you, the Buddha, Tao and philosophy. So am I just really screwed up or doing what I have to do on my path? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The reason you are losing interest in questioning is that your lifestream is beginning to realize that it needs to get its answers from inside itself instead of from an outer source. You still have not fully embraced this lesson, and therefore you are still hoping that someone from the outside can come and tell you what to do and how to live your life. There are plenty of false teachers in the world who will gladly do this for you. Yet I am not one of them, and therefore I must tell you the truth that you must get such answers from inside yourself.

However, I have already given you many tools for gaining such insights—why not use them! I must say that if you truly desire to overcome your impasse, one way to do so is to use the tools we have given on the toolbox website. Everyone needs spiritual protection. Everyone needs to transform imperfect energy. Everyone needs to have attunement with their Christ self, and for people who desire direction about the right course in life, I would highly recommend the 33-day vigil.

When considering what to do in life, always seek to discover what is your greatest love. Then follow that love and be not overly concerned about the money. Even if you find out something is not for you, then you have gotten a return for your money, and you will also learn many other things in the process.

What you need to do is step away from the worldly perspective of thinking that everything has to be practical and everything has to revolve around money or certain outer results. You are clearly a spiritual seeker, and you cannot determine what is right on the spiritual path by using an outer or worldly standard. Using such a standard will only impede your spiritual growth and prevent you from making the decisions that will take you to higher levels of your personal path.

The dark spirit that you experienced in the woods was indeed sent by dark forces to check on you and to see if it could somehow get you to accept it and thereby stop your progress. Although it might seem silly to throw a rock at a non-material spirit, by doing so you did signal that you rejected the spirit and therefore it had no inroad into your consciousness. This was an important initiation for your lifestream, although it would have been more effective to call to Archangel Michael to bind that spirit and to protect you from any imperfect energies directed at you by the spirit. Take note that the spirit seemed like a void because it had no light in it. This is one way to expose a dark spirit, although such spirits can disguise themselves as beings of light. Nevertheless, a being of light would not take on this appearance.

The appearance of such a spirit is actually a good sign because it signals that your lifestream is ready to take a major leap forward in its spiritual growth. That is why the dark forces send such spirits to you in an attempt to prevent you from taking that next step on your path.

The deer that appeared was a visitation from a spirit of light, and it appeared in a form that was appealing to you, given your interest in native spirituality. The deer signals, but now in a more direct way, that your lifestream is ready for the next step. The deer also signals that the key to taking that next step is to attain the consciousness of the deer, meaning the innocence of the deer. The spirit of the deer has no aggression or malice toward anyone. The spirit of the deer is not intellectual and does not seek to analyze everything. It simply walks innocently through the woods without analyzing or judging.

The key to taking the next step on your path is to overcome the tendency to intellectualize, to analyze and to judge. Once again, use the tools we have given. I can also assure you that by giving the invocations to Mother Mary and asking her to heal you of the tendency to intellectualize, you could take a major leap forward. However, this is a choice that only you can make.

If you were really screwed up, to use your own words, you would not be asking me this question. You are simply going through what you must go through for your lifestream to finally come to the inner realization of your mission and your deepest love in this life. By making full use of the tools we have given on the toolbox website all seekers could make the process far easier and less painful for themselves.

Sometimes a lifestream chooses a difficult and painful way because it thinks that by experiencing the pain and the extremes, it will learn its lesson more deeply. In reality, this is rarely the case. All lifestreams have the potential to learn from within, and they do not need to go through the outer pain and agony. Obviously, you have the right to choose to put yourself through this agony, but I for one do not recommend it.

The purpose of the crucifixion is not to experience pain but to learn a lesson. If you can learn the lesson without the pain, why not do so?

There is nothing wrong with studying many different spiritual teachings. Your willingness to do so signals that your lifestream wants the highest possible understanding of God’s truth, and it is willing to look for that understanding wherever it can be found. The key is to realize that the highest understanding is not found in outer teachings but only by going within and experiencing the truth through your Christ self.


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