The Native American issue and the fallen beings

Question: I have read that when the U.S. Government chose extermination of Native Americans, the majority of European settlers actually wanted to cohabitate with Native Americans. Is this true that the government is so separated from the desires of the people? How can I shift my personal perceptions that this government can’t even be influenced by the people? Mother Mary said not to let the power elite run our government, why do the ascended masters think the people have any power, especially regarding the power elite.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

The reality is that even though Saint Germain sponsored America, the consciousness of the planet was at such a low level that it was not possible to create a nation that would keep the fallen beings from influencing America. You can see this influence at a very early stage. You can see how there have been various points in American history where the fallen beings have managed to get influence on the American Government and set the nation on an unfortunate track that took it out of alignment with the mind of St Germain.

The Civil War is one obvious example: which was really a power struggle between two groups of fallen beings for control of the nation. Was it the old wealth, the old established power elite in the North East that was going to run the country? Or was it the new wealth the aspiring power elite in the South that was going to run the country? The issue of slavery was really a diversionary problem that was used to set two groups of people in an irreconcilable conflict that led to the Civil War. It was simply economically based, which power elite should rule the nation. You all know which power elite won and which is still ruling the nation economically through the financial elite in New York.

The Native American issue truly was an expression of the fallen beings influencing the American Government but it must also be recognized that the Native American tribes (many of them) were under the influence of the fallen beings. This happened partly through their Shamans or their spiritual leaders who are attuned to forces in the astral or mental realm. This caused these tribes to resist cohabiting with the white settlers.

It’s clear that the extermination of Native Americans is completely unconstitutional, completely against the principles in the Constitution. Of course the issue you had, was that the American Indians were not willing to change. You see how there was a culture that had changed very little for centuries and where the only real changes that have happened – happened as a result of Europeans bringing horses to the North American continent and the Native Americans accepting horses and incorporating them into their lifestyle, there had been very little movement beyond that.

You also see, that there was a culture of the tribes warring with each other because the population had grown to a point where they could not sustain themselves with a hunter/gatherer lifestyle. There had been very limited willingness to adopt an agricultural lifestyle before the white settlers came. The white settlers were actually a major opportunity for the native Americans to take their culture to a higher level where they could actually sustain themselves. It could have been clear to them that the hunter/gatherer lifestyle had simply come to an end; it was not realistic to continue it. It wasn’t even realistic before the white settlers came but especially not after. There was an unwillingness on the part of certain Native American tribes and their leaders to have a reality check and use the appearance of white settlers as an opportunity to rise above the limitations of the hunter/gatherer lifestyle.

There was of course also an unwillingness on the part of some people among the white settlers especially the ones who had power in government. This was again to some degree driven by the power elite who did not want to give the native Americans the right to these tracks of land that might hold a mining potential for gold and silver. They wanted access to that land, they wanted to be able to rape the land of its resources in order to gain profit and this was one of the driving forces behind the really very aggressive policy towards the Native Americans.

It is true that many among the white settlers wanted to live in peace with the Native Americans and many among the Native Americans also wanted to live in peace but as it so often goes, the fallen beings on both sides managed to create conflict and you all know how that ended. I will say as I have expressed before, that the only way for the Native American people to move forward is to let go of the old.

Truly, if you look for example at Europe, you can go back a thousand years and see that there were some people that lived in a somewhat similar way as the Native American tribes did when the white settlers came. But you do not have a concept in (for example) Denmark – of native Danes because the country and the people have transitioned, so that they all see themselves as Danes. The Native Americans have had enough generations that they could also have transitioned – so that the (native) could fall away and they would stand today as Americans.


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