The most likely scenarios for the future of Russia

Question: Could the ascended masters comment on how the current events, the war unleashed by Russia, have affected the state of consciousness of the majority of Russians? Is there a possibility of a shift in the collective consciousness in the near future that could lead to a change in the country’s course? What are the most likely scenarios for the future of Russia? Further tightening of repression and isolation like North Korea? Disintegration into separate national formations or a change of the political elite that will take the country out of the dictatorial principle of state leadership? How long does it take for Russia to become a democratic country under the worst scenario, and under the best-case scenario? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, what has happened to the Russian collective consciousness? When Vladimir Putin made that decision to invade Ukraine, he put Russia in a downward spiral. Instantly, he put Russia in a downward spiral. You could argue that it was in a downward spiral before, but this was a dramatic acceleration of the downward spiral. There is no person in Russia who has not felt this shift, including Putin himself.

Now, most people from Putin himself and down to the ordinary people on the street, they have no real understanding of what this shift actually means and what the consequences will be. But they all sense there was a shift. Many may not be consciously aware of it, because they are  generally unconscious, because of drink, or drugs, or whatever it may be. But all felt it at some level of their beings. If you could see it, the way we see it, you would see a shockwave going through the Russian collective consciousness on the day after the invasion, and it has continued to send waves upon waves into the collective consciousness.

So it is a question of what breaks and how long does it take before something breaks? Unfortunately, given the clampdown on the media that prevents most people in Russia from seeing what is really happening in Ukraine, it could take some time. If the Russian people knew what the average person in the West knows, there would already have been a shift. There would already have been an uprising and protests against Putin and his regime. It might not have led to his downfall yet, but it would have inevitably led to it. Now because people do not know and because they are in such a state of denial and unwillingness to know, it will take longer.

What are the scenarios that could happen? Well, there is no question that Putin’s days are numbered. Putin’s regime’s days are numbered. They cannot continue indefinitely. How long? Very difficult to predict. Because it does not just depend on the Russian people. It also depends on the people in the world. As we have said, this is a learning experience where the Russian people need to learn something, the people in democratic nations need to learn something and the people in dictatorial nations around the world need to learn something.

Again, you could say that Putin is living on borrowed time. He has only been kept in embodiment by the fact that what he represents presents people with this learning opportunity. It is a matter of when this learning opportunity is exhausted, where we can see that either there is still a potential that people can learn from the situation or no more people will learn from it. And therefore, there is really no point in Putin remaining where he is. Naturally, the karmic board could withdraw his lifestream at this very moment. But we will not do so or they will not do so (since I am not a member of it) until they determine that the learning opportunity has been exhausted. This could take some time.

It is possible that there will be an uprising. It is possible that there will be an aspiring power elite in Russia, who will take over power in Russia. But this will not necessarily bring Russia closer to becoming a modern democratic nation. Again, this requires quite a shift in the collective consciousness. This shift can happen, but it will only happen when, as Mother Mary explained in her dictation, a majority of the Russian people openly acknowledge the inhumanity and brutality that flows through every level of Russian society from kindergartens and all the way up to the government and determine that they cannot go on this way and that they themselves must make an effort to rise above this brutality and inhumanity.

It is possible that there will be a new power elite, it is possible there will be a period of turmoil with shifting governments, it is possible that Russia will break up. You will see, for example, as we have said before, that there is a large region east of the Ural Mountains that has most of the oil and gas resources. But all the money is going out of there without benefiting the people who feel somewhat neglected by the government in Moscow. And now they are seeing that it is primarily their sons who are sent to Ukraine to die and be crippled, and come back psychologically crippled. And it is possible that there will be an uprising, even among local governors, who have had enough of Putin making unreasonable demands on them.

You will see, for example, with the latest fires where Putin told the government that there could not have another fire season as severe as last year. And he put it upon them to make sure this did not happen. Well, what is the main resource they have for stopping fires? It is the army. But where is the army from these eastern regions? They are in Ukraine. So Putin is giving them an impossible task and when will they have had enough of this? This is an answer that is blowing in the wind.

How long will it take for Russia to become a democratic nation? Well, in the worst-case scenario, it will take a generation where all of the people who were alive during Soviet times will have to die. In the best-case scenario, we could be talking one to two decades. It would not at that time be a fully modern democracy, but at least it will be on the path to becoming so.


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