The most effective way to have impact on the climate

Question: The west coast of the United States has been experiencing intense fires while the east coast has been dealing with storms and flooding. The other day Los Angeles went up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It seems the planet is getting warmer each year. I understand the masters have mentioned that our consciousness has a significant impact on our climate. I’m asking for clarification on how our consciousness can be applied in benefiting our climate. Do we hold in our consciousness a vision of a balanced climate or is it a matter of changing our priorities? For example, I understand the raging fires on the west coast are tied to greed, thus if the collective consciousness on the west coast were to switch its priorities and focus on raising all life, rather than just the individual, would that change in focus translate to a better climate? What is the most effective way to promote positive change?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if you are a spiritual person who is open to the idea that consciousness has an impact on the climate, which of course many people would ridicule, then focusing on the climate is not really the most effective way to bring change. In other words, you could as an ascended master student, focus on changing your attitude towards the climate or raising your own consciousness or making invocations and decrees for the climate.

But this would actually be an indirect way of seeking to change the climate.The more direct way of changing the climate is to do what we have encouraged people to do: focus on raising the collective consciousness. You can raise your own consciousness, but also make the calls for the raising of the collective.

So basically, that is why we have not given any invocations specifically about the climate, because the way to really change the climate is to focus on these other issues. This is not to say that all people should ignore the climate. But what we are saying is we have had to make a practical realist evaluation, we have a limited number of ascended master students, what is the best way that they can make use of their efforts to have the greatest impact? And it is not to make invocations on the climate, but to make invocations on the changes in the collective consciousness and society.

It is clear that if people on the west coast were willing to change their focus away from the individual greed and just serving their own interests, to serving the whole and working together in communities, then that would certainly have a major impact on the climate on the west coast. Likewise, if people in other areas where there is a propensity for certain natural disasters were to change their mindset and the collective consciousness, it would have a positive impact. It is clear that seeking to change the climate directly is not the most efficient way to do it. To bring about change in the climate, you need to change the cause, which is the collective consciousness and you need to be non-concerned about how people will ridicule this entire idea and this entire approach.


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