The mindset behind violence in America

Question: This past Monday, the governor of the state of Florida signed an anti-riot bill aimed at protecting law enforcement agencies and cracking down on protests that turn violent. It is likely partly in response to the riots in American cities last summer. The most disturbing part of this new bill is that it grants civil immunity to people who drive into protesters who are blocking the road. There has been a significant increase in mass shootings in America lately. The level of violence seems to be escalating. Elected officials should be working towards de-escalating tensions. This new bill appears to have the potential to make matters worse. Is there any way to turn things around in a more positive direction to curb the violence in America?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

This is a complex topic because the violence in America does not have just one cause. Commenting strictly on this response from the officials, it is clear that America as several other democracies are being forced by escalating violence and tension to consider methods that are truly not democratic.

This is what you see has happened in many totalitarian nations where people start to object to a certain regime, and then the regime cracks down harder and harder in order to limit protests. It is certainly what has been happening in Russia. You see that even some democracies are being forced by the escalating violence and tension to enact these kinds of laws or methods that really are not democratic and should not be taking place in a democratic nation.

Does this mean they should not do this? Well, they need to do something to stop the violence, that is clear in a country like America. As we have talked about, all nations need to do something about hate speech that can quickly escalate into physical violence.

The essence here is that this is something that needs to be debated. In a sense you could say that the violence is forcing societies to debate these things to consider these things: “What is the proper response for a democratic nation?” It is also clear that once you go into this cycle of imposing restrictions by force then where does it end? How far do you have to go? It is, as you point out correct, a more constructive approach to look at what is the cause of the tension. How do we de-escalate?

This is of course what the current administration in United States is aware of and is seeking to accomplish as best they can. This is a stark contrast to the previous administration who were actually inflaming tensions rather than de-escalating them. This is not to say that the current administration will be highly successful in this matter because it is a very complex issue with violence in America.

It is something that goes back to the creation of the nation, as we have said before, where America has not transcended this willingness to use violence and force to achieve a certain end, whether it is personal or political. The long-term solution is that America transcends this, as some other democratic nations have done. You can, for the closest example, look north of the border to Canada, which is much further along in this respect than America, but even some European nations are further along than that.

This is a process that will take time. It really is a question of how much worse does it have to become before America starts breaking through to a willingness to address this. It is something deeply ingrained in the American psyche that there are certain times where violence is not only justified, violence is necessary and it is the only way out.

As I have said before, even the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. The United States could still have been created without violence, it would have taken longer, but it could have been created without violence. It could not have been done, given the state of consciousness at the time. But theoretically, it could have been done.

The reality here is that you can achieve a positive goal without violence and force. It may take longer, but it can be done. This is what the American psyche has not realized. The American psyche has this tendency to go into, what we might call an obsessive-compulsive state, where people see that there is a goal that needs to be achieved and it needs to be achieved now!

It is the epic mindset. It has to be achieved now! Therefore, the ends can justify the means. Violence and force is justified, because if we do not achieve the goal now, things will get worse. This is what you saw clearly used as a manipulative tool by Donald Trump and his administration: “Make America Great Again”, which really was a matter of preserving the white male dominance in America, which they portrayed as being under threat and that it would disappear if they did not do something now. In other words, if they did not do something about the election, they would not have a country left.

This is the kind of mindset that is underlying all of this violence, even the shootings by private people. It is a mindset that is so ingrained in the American psyche, that it will take a really decisive conscious effort to uproot it. In practical terms, it will take time. It will happen. It is clearly part of what needs to happen for America to enter the golden age and manifest the golden age. I have plans for this to happen. There are many people that are already open to it that are working towards this end. Some of them are not always balanced, nevertheless they are working towards it.

But the question really is: How much worse does the violence have to get before a critical mass of people wake up and say “Enough is enough”. It is clear that gun control is part of the issue. But it is not the ultimate solution. The ultimate solution is a shift in consciousness away from this: “Violence is justified and necessary. Violence is the only way to make a decisive change and we must make that change, and we must make it now”.

This is a version of the epic mindset that, we might say, led to the creation of America at that time. As I said, America has not transcended it and until it does it really cannot move further into the golden age. That is why you see a certain stagnation in various areas of American society. Whereas you see other nations that are moving further along because they do not have this issue that they are dealing with.


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