The meaning of the rose symbol 

Question: The rose, especially in association with the cross is an ancient symbol. Organizations have used it to symbolize the spiritual path and the perfectioning of the soul, but we know from ascended master teachings that the soul is the ego and it cannot be immortalized. And yet Master Jesus after five years in a cave, came out spreading a scent of roses around him. Master More also speaks about his garden of roses in the etheric plane and how special is the effect of the perfume of the rose. But what is the deep meaning of the rose, symbolically speaking? Is it a symbol of the moment when a Conscious You is free from all spirits, of the ego, except the one self that was created to come to the world of form and thereby is ready to ascend? Or is it something else?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

First of all, the story that I spent five years in a cave, and came out smelling like roses is not correct, it is simply a myth that has been created and it is not factual. When you look at it, historically speaking, the rose has been used as a symbol to symbolize different things by different spiritual movements. It can be used as a symbol for the spiritual path where you are unfolding your being. It can also be used as a symbol for the unfolding of the heart chakra, the petals of the heart chakra, where you open up the rose of the heart and you have that free flow of energy from your I Am Presence through the heart chakra.

In our teachings, we have given the awareness that the soul as it has traditionally been used, is the ego, the outer mind, but this is not the way it has always been seen.  There are past teachings where they have pretty much seen the soul the way we now explain the Conscious You. In other words, the soul is what is growing towards a higher state and therefore, the rose, the unfolding of the rose can symbolize the soul’s journey as the soul was defined by these teachings.

I am not saying that all past teachings are wrong because we are now giving a higher teaching. It is simply that those teachings were given for a certain level of consciousness, where people were not quite ready to embrace the higher teachings we have today. Even in previous ascended master dispensations, we used the concept of the soul, that the soul is ascending.

It is only in this dispensation we have given the more advanced teaching, that there are aspects of what has traditionally been seen as the soul vehicle, the four lower bodies that will not ascend, and that there is a core of your being that can ascend and if you see the teaching we are giving now about the Conscious You and understand it as it is given, you will see that I actually foretold this teaching when I stated to Nicodemus that “only the man who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven”. It was not of course a man, but only the being that descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven. Only that what we now call the Conscious You can ascend. But even 2000 years ago, I gave hints of this teaching.


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