The Mantle of Messenger

TOPICS: Ego’s dream of exclusivity – masters work with people at different levels of consciousness – all people are individualizations of God – from piscean to aquarian consciousness – different ways to be a messenger – different mantles for messengers – mantle of guru different than mantle of messenger – many mantles not given because people have not qualified for them – accept your spiritual potential and do what it takes to fulfill it –

Question: Could you please clarify the following regarding messengers upon this planet. You said that there will be many messengers in the Aquarian Age. Are you speaking of the Aquarian Age as now or at a time when the fallen angels will no longer be on this earth? 

If the Mantle of Messenger is to be given to the many, is the Mantle of Guru also going to be given to all of these messengers.?
Are you saying that a messenger who is used by one, two or maybe three Masters, is the same as the Messenger who is used by the entire Spirit of the ascended masters and has the Mantle of Guru.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Thank you for raising some important questions. I have addressed the topic of messengers in several places in this section. If you study my previous teachings on this topic, you will see that I have several reasons for addressing the issue.

Throughout history, there has always been a tendency for religious people to develop a culture of exclusivity which makes them think that their religion, their religious leader or their messenger is the only true one. Some obvious examples is the idea that the Jews were not only God’s chosen people but that they were the only people chosen by God or that the Catholic Church was the only true Church of Jesus Christ.

You must understand that we of the ascended masters seek to work with people at whatever level of consciousness we find them at a particular time. Our goal is to raise these people to a higher level of consciousness where they can receive a more advanced spiritual teaching. There is a certain progression in the religious life of planet earth. If you consider the state of consciousness that most people had several thousand years ago, I am sure you can see that we of the ascended masters had limited options in terms of giving these people an advanced spiritual teaching.

Therefore, we have in the past allowed individuals to maintain the consciousness of exclusivity. This was simply a necessary stage because these people were not yet mature enough to let go of the feeling that they were somehow special in the eyes of God. The feeling that you are special in the eyes of God is not incorrect. However, God is no respecter of persons and therefore every human being is special in the eyes of God. God does not play favorites. Human beings play favorites because they are still caught in the duality and relativity of the lower state of consciousness. You are indeed special to God—as special as every other person.

During the Age of Pisces, it was my hope that humankind would be raised to a state of consciousness in which each person would see himself or herself as a son or daughter of God. Because the Christian religion did not fulfill my intent, we now have a situation in which many people have not come to the full recognition and acceptance of the fact that they are sons and daughters of God. When you do come to accept yourself as a son or daughter of God, you immediately lose the need to feel that you are somehow better than other human beings. Therefore, you can quickly move into a state of consciousness in which you recognize that all other people are also sons and daughters of God. In other words, once you begin to see God in yourself, you can quickly move to a higher state of consciousness in which you see God in everything.

As long as you have not attained this state of consciousness, you are caught in the relativity of the dualistic mind. Therefore, you cannot see that everything and everyone originated from the same source. You cannot see this because you do not see yourself as coming from God. As a result, you have a need to develop divisions and pass value judgments whereby you feel that because you belong to a certain organization or group, you are somehow special or above others.

We are now moving into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is not, as some New Age people seem to think, a done deal. The Age of Aquarius, or rather the Golden Age of Aquarius, will not manifest until a critical mass of people embody the consciousness of Aquarius. The consciousness of Aquarius requires people to fully recognize themselves as sons and daughters of God with the role of serving as co-creators with God. Only by doing so will they be able to serve as the instruments for bringing the Golden Age of Aquarius, what I have also called the kingdom of God, into full physical manifestation on this planet.

Because many people have not fully embraced the consciousness of Pisces, and do not dare to accept themselves as sons and daughters of God, they cannot enter the consciousness of Aquarius. I am aware that millions of people are not yet at a level of consciousness where they are able to make that switch in consciousness. However, it has from the beginning been my goal for my website to address the millions of people who are ready to embrace the consciousness of Pisces and quickly move into the consciousness of Aquarius.

I know this is a long explanation. I am giving it because I want to make it clear that the questions you raised cannot be answered in a way that will be acceptable to those who are still caught in the lower state of consciousness. Those people will not be able to understand what I am about to explain. They will keep looking for ways to justify their feeling that they are somehow better than others. Therefore, they will keep feeling that their organization or their messenger is the only true one.

As a spiritual teacher, you gradually learn to accept the fact that it is not possible to reach every human being with a spiritual message. I wish it was possible to change this fact, but after having descended to Hell, and to every state of consciousness between heaven and Hell, I have concluded that certain people are unreachable and they will remain unreachable until the school of hard knocks finally knocks some sense into them.

Let me now address your questions one by one.

You said that there will be many messengers in the Aquarian Age. Are you speaking of the Aquarian Age as now or at a time when the fallen angels will no longer be on this earth?

I am indeed speaking about the Aquarian age as being now and not at some future time. Yet, as I explained above, the Aquarian age will not manifest at a specific time or because certain planets line up in a specific way. The Aquarian age will only manifest through the consciousness of the people on earth. It will only manifest when a critical mass of people accept themselves as sons and daughters of God and therefore become messengers for the ascended masters in various capacities.

If the Mantle of Messenger is to be given to the many, is the Mantle of Guru also going to be given to all of these messengers?

As I have explained elsewhere in this section, there are many ways to be a messenger. I am aware that some people have interpreted my words in a way that goes beyond my intention. I would like to say that one of the most important corners one can turn on the spiritual path is when one comes to the realization that the lower mind and the human intellect have limitations. The essential characteristic of the dualistic mind is that it causes people to create an image of how they want reality to be. If people are not aware that they have created such an image, or if they do not see how the image affects their vision, they will read a spiritual teaching and think that it affirms what they want to believe. They will not be able to see the truth stated in that spiritual teaching. They will only see those parts of the teaching that seemingly confirm what they want to believe.

I have stated on this website that there will be many messengers in the Aquarian age. In fact, there are already many messengers and there have been for thousands of years. There has never been a situation on this planet in which we of the ascended masters were working exclusively through one person or one organization. We are always seeking to reach every human being on this planet with a spiritual message, and we are seeking to use whatever instruments are available to us at the time.

So I do want people to recognize that there is always more than one messenger. I also want them to realize that in the Aquarian age there will be, or so we hope, more messengers than at any previous time in the recent (known) history of this planet. Yet in one of the questions about messengership in the Aquarian age, I did make the following statement:

I am not saying that all involved with such an effort would necessarily serve as messengers at the same level. There are different mantles and different levels of messengership, and this must be recognized and respected.

I am aware that some people will read the entire answer and overlook this particular sentence. Yet the statement carries an extremely important message which I did not fully elaborate on because it went too far beyond the original question. The message of the previous statement is that while there will be many messengers, they will not all be serving at the same level or in the same capacity.

Many people serve as messengers without having received an official mantle as messenger. Yet we of the ascended masters do have different mantles for messengers. At any given time, there may be a number of people in embodiment who hold different mantles as messengers.

Some of the mantles are broader mantles that can be held by several people at the same time. In fact, there are some mantles that could be held by an unlimited number of people because anyone who meets the minimum requirements will be anointed with that mantle—if the person chooses to accept it.

This hierarchical structure is no different from the structure you find in so many businesses, governments or other organizations on earth. As you move towards the top of the hierarchical chain, you find mantles that are held by only a few people, or in some cases only by one person. Some of these higher mantles have a specific title. For example, there is a mantle which carries the title “The Messenger of the ascended masters.” This is a specific title or name for the mantle. It does not mean, and it was never intended to mean, that there is only one messenger for the ascended masters. However, it does mean that there is only one person (or in some cases two people sharing the same mantle) who holds that particular mantle. The reason is that the mantle with the title “The Messenger of the ascended masters” is given to a person who serves as the official spokesperson for us.

Compare this to the United States government. The White House has an official spokesperson who delivers official messages from the Office of the President. There is only one person who holds the title as White House spokesperson. Obviously, there are other people who from time to time speak on behalf of the president or the government. The Secretary of State or the Secretary of Defense might travel to foreign countries and speak on behalf of the president. Yet when it comes to delivering the official word, only the White House spokesperson fulfills that role.

So what I am saying here is that although there will be many messengers in the Age of Aquarius, not all of them will hold an official mantle and some mantles will be held by only one person. It is important for people to acknowledge this and respect the mantles given to anyone.

For the second part of the question, the mantle of Guru is different from the mantle of Messenger. A person can hold a mantle as Messenger without holding the mantle of Guru, and the other way around. Once again, there are many people who can hold a mantle as Guru. Once again, there are different levels of Gurus and different mantles as Guru.

Fulfilling the role of a Guru is, in certain ways, a greater responsibility than being a messenger. It would be beneficial for people to see messengership as a humble position. You simply receive a message and pass on the message, hopefully without distorting the message in the process. It is really up to the recipients how they deal with the message. In other words, this becomes the karma of the recipients and not the karma of the messenger (as long as the messenger has passed on a pure message).

When you take on the role of Guru, you take on a certain responsibility for the spiritual growth of a group of lifestreams. As such, you can actually take on the karma of the students or you can become responsible for karma made by the students while they are under your mantle. Therefore, this is a mantle that we only give to people who have reached a certain level of maturity and a certain level of consciousness.

Are you saying that a messenger who is used by one, two or maybe three Masters, is the same as the Messenger who is used by the entire Spirit of the ascended masters and has the Mantle of Guru.

As I have just explained, there are many different mantles. Some people might have a mantle to work with only one ascended master. Others might work with several masters. We also have a few mantles for people working with all masters. This is obviously a higher mantle than working with one master, yet it is not necessarily more important because it all depends on the task at hand. As stated above, we only have one mantle that is for an official spokesperson of the ascended masters. Yet there is more than one mantle that allows a person to receive messages from any member of the ascended masters.

As I explained in my introduction, some people are still caught in a state of consciousness where they feel a need for exclusivity. These people will invariably reason that we of the ascended masters can only speak through one particular messenger and when that messenger stops serving, we stop speaking to the people of earth. There are today many Christians who believe that because I stated that I came to fulfill the law and the prophets, God stopped speaking to the people of earth at the end of my ministry.

God will never stop speaking to his people and we of the ascended masters will never stop speaking to our unascended brothers and sisters. There have been times when no one on earth carried the official mantle as Messenger of the ascended masters. However this was not because the mantle was not needed but simply because no one had qualified to wear the mantle. As soon as a person raises his or her consciousness to fulfill the requirements for the mantle, the mantle will immediately be bestowed upon that person. There is an ongoing need for having someone in embodiment who can carry that mantle.

I must tell you that there are currently a number of mantles which we would like to give to people. However, because no one has yet met the requirements, the mantle cannot be given and the spiritual progression of humankind is being slowed down. We would like to see this situation changed as quickly as possible by having people make a conscious and determined effort to rise above the lower consciousness, to manifest individual Christhood and thereby become able to bear the mantles that they have the potential and the calling to bear. This is my entire purpose for dictating the book Master Keys to Personal Christhood. That book is meant to reach out to the people who, at inner levels, are ready to hold a spiritual mantle but who have not been able or willing to accept this with their outer consciousness.

Let me say to these people, “Let us be up and doing!” Stop intellectualizing or philosophizing about the various mantles of messengers and who is more important. Every human being is important to God and every spiritual mantle is important to God. Let us grow out of the immaturity and the relativity of the lower consciousness. Let us become mature sons and daughters of God so that each person can accept his or her unique role and begin to fulfill that role. The fallacy that springs from the lower consciousness is that because you see yourself as separated from God, you cannot accept that you are worthy to serve God and fulfill your spiritual potential. How many times can I say that this is a fallacy that will fade away under the all-penetrating rays from the sun of your spiritual self.

Once you turn and face your spiritual self, all of these concerns will fade away and you will focus all of your attention on your unique spiritual mission without ever considering that it is more or less important than the unique mission of any of your brothers and sisters. The lower consciousness cannot fathom uniqueness. It must divide uniqueness into separate compartments and set up a ranking for which compartments are more important than others. Yet when you truly understand the nature of uniqueness you see that it has no room for division. If everyone is unique, no one can be more unique than anyone else.

What is needed in this day and age is that those who are ready accept their individual Christhood and take up the spiritual mantles that they have the potential to wear. When you accept your mantle, you can also accept that other people have their unique mantles. You can begin to see that you are not in conflict or competition with others. Instead, the spiritual people of earth supplement each other and together they form a multifaceted whole. Only by coming together to form the one body of God on earth can spiritual people begin to have the impact that they are meant to have on this planet. The Aquarian Age is the age of community. Only by a critical mass of people working together for a greater goal – a spiritual goal – can the Golden Age of Aquarius be brought into physical manifestation.



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