The loss of attunement during the pregnancy 

Question: Dear Mother Mary, I have for some years now been a very dedicated student on the path and have a great joy experiencing the presence of the ascended masters in my life. I know that you are there, I have felt your presence with me as I have done the work and attune myself to you and there has never been a doubt in my mind that you are there close to me. But I have now become pregnant and I suddenly feel so very different. I’m in week 20 of my pregnancy, and from a very early stage of the pregnancy, I’ve had this strange feeling there is now a wall or some kind of barrier between the ascended masters and me, it actually feels as if I have fallen into a lower state of consciousness. Before I got pregnant, I would happily do the work: study, do invocations and self inquiry and this I did with ease. But now everything feels so heavy, I even find it difficult to do my daily invocations. I’m in a completely different state of mind now that I’m pregnant, please help me understand what is happening.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, your experience is not uncommon in the sense that many women experience a shift in consciousness, or even their energy level when they become pregnant. It is simply because the soul, the four lower bodies of the incoming child begins to interact with your four lower bodies. So it all depends on the incoming child.

Now naturally, there is always a reason why you have volunteered to bring that particular soul into embodiment. It may relate to karma from past lives, it may relate to a desire to help that child, to give that child an opportunity. It is not necessary to in any way judge your child based on the energy or feeling.

But it is not an uncommon experience that a woman can feel that there is a certain heaviness when she becomes pregnant. It is not uncommon for spiritual women to feel that there is a wall blocking their attunement with the ascended masters or with their own higher selves after they become pregnant. It is, as I said, simply the energy field of the incoming soul that is interacting with your energy field.

As you know, two energy waves can create an interference pattern that can be higher or lower, sometimes more chaotic, and sometimes therefore can block your attunement with the spiritual realm, the ascended masters, your higher self. You can attempt to switch your mind so that you realize that it is simply the incoming child’s energy and that you tried to get in touch with your own desire to study the teachings, give invocations. If you can get in touch with that desire and realize that you do not have to set aside all of your personal desires because you are pregnant and bringing forth a child, then you may be able to get back to giving decrees and invocations more easily.

But it can also be in some cases, and this is highly individual, of course, that you need to take a break and step back and not force yourself to do what you did before. But simply take a break, perhaps even try to tune into the energy field of the child and see what is it that your child needs.

You always have to be careful that you do not have a certain habit of studying and practicing before you become pregnant and then with your outer mind you think you should continue this after you become pregnant. You have to be sensitive that perhaps the incoming soul has different needs, which means you may need to take a different approach, not give so many decrees and invocations, perhaps give others than you have done before.

This is something you can tune into individually. I still strongly recommend that you give a certain amount of protection decrees to Archangel Michael, a certain amount of violet flame to consuming of the child’s karma and a certain amount of calls to Astrea for cutting the child free from any ties it may have to the astral plane, to the mental realm, to the emotional, the lower identity realm and so forth.

You can simply decide with your outer mind that you will do a certain minimum of decree work a day, and then you attune and see if there is anything else to be done or if you simply let that be enough. Then you can always after the pregnancy evaluate, again, how has the dynamic changed now that the child is in physical embodiment, and therefore not as intricately interwoven with your own energy field anymore. There is, of course, always a connection between mother and child but nevertheless, after the birth of the child, it is not as intimate a connection. Therefore you will often find that your attunement returns.

I can assure you that when I was pregnant with Jesus, I felt much the same way. Because it was a very heavy pregnancy energetically, because of the spiritual balance that I was holding for Jesus, because of the tremendous opposition to his incarnation.

This is also the case for many spiritual people that you are bringing forth a child with a higher level of consciousness and there is opposition to the child coming into embodiment. This does not mean that such a child does not have psychological issues it needs to resolve and this is where you need to be very, very careful. Because we have seen in past ascended master dispensations that there was a certain consciousness that women wanted to bring forth a child with a very high level of consciousness. They thought they had done so or they were even told, perhaps by the messenger, that they have brought forth an advanced child, and then they thought that this child should have no psychological issues. This is not the case. Anybody has psychological issues, regardless of their level of consciousness, otherwise you would not be able to come into embodiment on this planet.

You need to recognize here that there can be souls who generally have a high level of consciousness, but they have one particular psychological issue that they have not overcome in past lives. And it can be very difficult for them to overcome it in this lifetime. That is where you as the mother need to be very careful, and try to tune in to the child’s psychology and at the same time, look at your own psychology, whether there is a reaction in you to the child’s psychology, and then you need to work on that so you can overcome it in your own psychology and thereby help the child overcome his or her psychology. So this is an intricate matter, a delicate matter that requires a certain attunement.


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