The light body of ascended master does not have a sex as it is conceived on earth

Question: Does the sex of the body in the last embodiment before ascension determine which polarity ‘male or female’ a newly ascended being will have? For example we know that Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Nada, Guru Ma in their last embodiment’s were in the female body as well as Buddha, Jesus, Saint Germain, Master More, etc., were in male bodies. Does this mean that if this is our last embodiment the sex of our bodies will somehow determine which polarity, male or female we will have after ascension?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

In general yes there is that correlation. However it is not quite as it might seem from an unascended perspective. If we are to be completely straightforward about this then we actually don’t have sex in the ascended realm as you conceive of it on earth. So when an Ascended Master decides to remain with earth and work with the evolutions on earth then it presents itself as having a clearly male or clearly female sex in order to give people on earth something to relate to.

But in the ascended realm you are much more androgynous – so to speak  – because you are clearly aware of both the feminine and the masculine aspects. So you are not as bound by these roles and of course not by the sex of the physical body because you cannot really say that the light body we wear has a sex as you conceive of it on earth. However we have so far decided that even though we have given the teaching that you can change sex as you reincarnate many times, we have decided that we will not confuse people by presenting ourselves as having had both male and female incarnations which of course all of us have had and all of you have had as well.

But we have simply determined that in order to avoid overwhelming people we have focused on – if a male Ascended Master gives his embodiments, he gives male embodiment’s. If a female Ascended Master gives embodiments, she gives female embodiments.


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