The lessons behind the WWII for the Soviet people 

Question: What kind of test did people, lifestreams that were living in the USSR during your second world war? What were they supposed to go through? What kind of experience were they supposed to get?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, it is not that there was just one experience that they were supposed to get. There were many lessons that could have been learned. But the main lesson that could have been learned, would be to realize that there was a fundamental lack of humanity in the Soviet system. This was personified by Stalin. But it was there in the Soviet system, that there was an almost total lack of humanity, in fact, an anti-humanity in the Soviet system. It was not just caused by Stalin, but also by the communist ideology, and Lenin’s interpretation of it.

And what they could have realized from this was that despite all of the fancy claims, of creating a worker’s paradise and liberating people from the suppression of the czarist regime, the Russian people had not been liberated. They had gone from being under one dictator, to now being under another who was actually worse. And this could have led to the Russian people, recognizing that their leaders do not care about them whatsoever.

Some realize this, of course. But very, very few took the next step of asking themselves why they had attracted this kind of leader, why they had gone from one suppressive government to another instead of as in the West, where there were people who had attained greater freedom. And very, very few were able to ask these kinds of questions.

And this is why there was not a change after the Second World War. You will see that there were so many millions of people killed during that war. There were so many soldiers that came back who had been put in a situation where either they went up against the Germans who would shoot at them, or they would turn back and be shot at by the party army that was coming behind them, shooting anyone who tried to desert.

There was enough people who had experienced the inhumanity that there could have been a shift. And people could have decided that they did not want this. It did not happen. And that is why the Soviet Union survived for as long as it did. And that is why Putin has been able to gradually turn Russia towards becoming more and more inhumane. Of course, when you look at it, the suppression of the Russian people, the fear of speaking out in public, the fear of saying anything is inhumane. How could it not be inhumane that you are being suppressed but you cannot even talk about it—not even privately.


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