The Law of Free Will and praying for others

Question: How are we to pray for others? My daughter is in a very abusive and extremely volatile marriage. I want to know how to correctly pray for her safety and her newborn son!

Answer from Jesus:

In situations like this, it is extremely important to understand the Law of Free Will. I explain the importance of free will throughout this website, but especially in my teachings on the path of Christhood. The essence of this law is that God has given every human being free will. Therefore, no heavenly being will violate the free will of anyone on Earth. The importance in this context is that when you pray for others, we of the Ascended Host cannot violate the free will of the people for whom you are praying.

In other words, even if you pray for my intercession in your daughter’s situation, I cannot intervene against the free will of your daughter and her husband. Therefore, in such situations the best approach is to pray for their enlightenment, so that the people will come to a higher understanding that will allow them to improve the situation.

Before I go on, let me say that in situations like this, it is extremely important not to rely on prayer alone. Because of the Law of Free Will, you must take physical action to help change the situation, especially to protect your daughter and her newborn son. You must contact the proper authorities and ask for guidance as to how they can help you. This is extremely important, and you can see this by contemplating the saying that God helps those who help themselves.

Let me give you some practical advice on how to pray for a situation like this.

  • First of all, you need to recognize that even though every human being has free will, most people are not exercising their free will. You simply cannot make a free choice unless you have a clear understanding of the situation, the options you have and the potential consequences of those options. When people are in a crisis situation, they are so burdened by the energies of that situation, that they simply do not have the clarity of mind to make truly free choices. Therefore, your first and foremost concern is to remove the barriers that prevent the people for making free choices.

    Use decrees and invocations  for calling to Archangel Michael for the protection of yourself or for other people. I suggest that you use these prayers for your daughter, her son and for her husband also. Call for them to be protected against all negative energy that prevents them from having a clear vision of the situation and how they are harming themselves.

  • In situations of abuse, you must recognize that the person committing the abuse is not doing this entirely of his or her free will. People who abuse others are always influenced by dark forces and potentially demons. Therefore, you should call to Archangel Michael and myself for the binding of all evil forces attacking your daughter and her son through her husband. You have the right to call for Archangel Michael to bind the human ego that prevents him from seeing what he is doing. You even have the right to call for the judgment of all dark forces, including the human ego, working through your son in law. You should also call for the binding of your daughter’s ego, so she can overcome any attachments that prevent her from getting away from the situation.
  • You should recognize that each human being has a Christ self and that each human being has a guardian angel who is assigned to protect and enlighten the person. You can therefore call, through a silent or spoken prayer, directly to the Christ self and the guardian angel of a person and ask them to protect and enlighten the person, so that he or she can take the best course of action in the situation.
  • You can help improve the situation by using proper techniques for consuming the negative energy that interferes with the situation and prevents the people from seeing the right way out. The need to transform toxic energy is explained in great detail elsewhere. Use decrees and invocations for transforming such energy.
  • It would also be extremely helpful to talk to your daughter. Help her see the potential dangers so that she can make a clearer and more levelheaded choice as to whether she should stay in a situation or remove herself from it as quickly as possible. You should recognize that in the end, you cannot make choices for her. It must be a choice that comes from inside herself.

    However, you might tell her about this website and about the idea that she has a Christ self that can help her make such decisions. You might tell her about the technique for attuning to her Christ self  and ask her to perform it. If she will not, then you can perform it for her and visualize that I and her Christ self give her the answers that she needs even while she is sleeping at night.

  • You can also pray for your daughter’s soul to be taken to the spiritual retreats at night, as described elsewhere.
  • You might even consider doing a vigil or novena on behalf of your daughter, as described elsewhere.

I can promise you that if you make use of these suggestions, you will see that your daughter will become empowered to make a better decision. However, because I respect the Law of Free Will, I cannot promise you what kind of choices your daughter will make. This is truly a matter over which I have no control.

I fully understand that it can be very difficult and frustrating for you to watch such a situation and feel helpless. I can tell you that both myself and my colleagues in the Ascended Host often feel helpless when we watch human beings continue to harm themselves and others by making choices that everyone can see are not in the best interest of anyone.

However, because I am a spiritual teacher I am able to take a longer view and see that in some cases lifestreams have encaged themselves into so many erroneous beliefs that they need to go through certain situations in order to finally come to the realization that those beliefs are harming themselves. Therefore, even very difficult situations can truly help the person learn lessons and move on to better things.

However, let me caution you once again to not rely exclusively on prayer but to take the appropriate physical action to get your daughter the protection and counseling from the proper authorities that she needs.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels