The law of attraction and magical thinking

Question: Is there a contradiction between the law of attraction and what Nada says in her book, The Mystical Initiations of Peace?

Answer from the Ascended Master Nada  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

The popular law of attraction is popular because it appeals to certain aspects of human nature, as opposed to spiritual nature. It is one of these things where teachers make promises that for most people do not come true. There are always examples of people who have been able to manifest what they wanted but it was not necessarily because they used that particular outer teaching or philosophy but because they already had a momentum from past lives.

So if you are willing to look at this honestly, you will see that many of the people who have used these, whether it’s the law of attraction or many of the other schemes that are out there, have not really gotten the results that they wanted to get. And what I desire to express in my book is, of course, not for that level of consciousness where these teachings appeal to people. My book is for those who have taken these initiations of the first five rays and have therefore raised themselves up to the level of consciousness at which I teach. And at that level of consciousness you need to look at these elements of magical thinking because they set you up for disappointment. So many people have tried this and have become disappointed. And, in a sense what we are teaching in the Path to Self Mastery course, is of course, self mastery. It is in a way the mastery of mind over matter but you have to realize that the mastery of mind over matter cannot be achieved through the separate self, unless you go into black magic, where you can achieve some control over matter but this is, of course, not what we are teaching our students because it does not help you raise your consciousness. It only helps you lower the consciousness.

So there is a certain state of consciousness where the law of attraction and other philosophies like that appeal to people because they are identified with the separate self and they would like to believe that they can take the desires of the separate self and use this particular technique to manifest what they desire through the separate self. In a sense you can say that the universe is a cosmic mirror and as we have also explained in our books, you can to some degree, use the lower consciousness to manipulate matter to give you what you want in the short term. But if you are an ascended master student, you are not really interested or at least when you get beyond a certain level of consciousness – the levels I deal with in my book – you’re not interested in a short-term benefit. You are interested in your long-term growth. And at that point you need to dissolve that last remnants of magical thinking. It’s the outer self, the separate self that has magical thinking because it thinks that there is a way to get what you want without letting go of the outer self. The path that we are teaching is that there is a way to get what you want but it is by letting go of the outer self. And it is perfectly correct if people say, “But that means I won’t get what I want at my present level of consciousness.” You won’t get what you want through the outer self, of course, but we have never really said or promised you that you would get what you want through the outer self by following the path to the ascension, have we?


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