A job and your divine plan

Question: This question is about occupations. We need an occupation to make a living, and we tend to choose any job whether we really want it or not. Is it just a coincidence that we happen to choose a particular job, such as the one we have now, or are we supposed to choose the job to realize something or to serve something in this life? Is there another deeper meaning here?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019

Well, the best way to approach this is to realize that there is a connection between your level of consciousness and the jobs you choose. There are of course, situations in many nations where there is only a certain amount of jobs are certain kinds of jobs available. And you can also have a certain programming from your family background that programs you to take certain types of jobs.

So what you can do is, continue to work on your psychology, especially work on the birth trauma, and overcoming all of these selves. And then you will gradually gain more clarity, more inner resolution that will help you gain a clearer vision of what is in your divine plan. And as you begin to have that clarity, you will have a better foundation for choosing a different kind of job.

It’s clear that the ideal situation is that your job provides you with the necessary income, but you are not having that job exclusively to make money, you are having it because it is part of your divine plan. But you can give service to others, you can learn, you can grow yourself. And you can even enjoy doing what you are doing in some cases. And so as you raise your consciousness, as you resolve your psychology, you will have much more clarity on what kind of jobs to choose. What also happens is that as you resolve the birth trauma and overcome all of these selves, you will of course, raise your consciousness closer to the 144th level. And as you do so, you gain what we have called the mastery of mind-over-matter.

And this is something that people often misunderstand, they think that you gain some magical ability to change matter, you can snap your fingers and a piece of lettuce turns into gold, or whatever people imagine. But what we actually talk about is that you gain the ability, where you can have a clear vision in your mind of what kind of, for example, occupation you want to have, then you can gain the inner resolution where you are not divided, you do not have two separate cells that are pulling you in opposite directions. And so you have that determination, that yes, this is the job you want. This is the kind of occupation you want, and you are worthy of it.

And that means that you now gain the ability to manifest the living situation that you desire, and that is in your divine plan. So the key is always resolution of psychology, raising of consciousness. And then when there is a change in consciousness, there will be a change in the physical realm as well.


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