The identity of the spiritual group

Question: As the Korean student group has grown in quantity, people from diverse spiritual backgrounds have also joined. Sometimes there is no consensus on how to manage our group. And occasionally, we fail to reach a consensus on the issue of accepting messages from the various spiritual circles besides the ascended master teachings. For example, these are the issues: can we continue to go together with a certain person accepting him or her as a member of our Korean student group? Or will we allow the introduction of certain messages that seem to be channeled from a certain being of the mental realm. As the Korean group develops further, these issues are likely to occur more, we ask for ascended masters advice regarding the way to deal with these issues.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Any group has an identity. Your group is an ascended master study group based on the teachings given through this messenger. We do not have a problem with you using teachings from previous dispensations that we have recognized as ascended master dispensations if you find this as relevant. But we do not recommend that you at your meetings, use teachings from other sources, especially not the mental realm.

We recognize the issue that there are people coming in who have a background. And it is not a matter of saying that these people cannot be a part of your group. And it is not a matter of saying that you cannot talk about these other issues. But not in your official meetings, your official meetings are focused on a particular teaching.

You can create more of a social setting where people can talk more freely, and where people can talk about various other teachings, if they like, you can create sessions where people can ask questions about these teachings, and you can comment on them based on what you know about ascended master teachings. But you do not need to be open to everybody who comes in and says: “You should read this dictation or this message or this channeling at your meeting.” That is not what your group is set up to do.

And if people cannot accept this, then sometimes you just have to let them go. But as I say, it does not mean that you need to not have them part of the group as long as they respect the purpose of the group and the identity of the group.


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