The Holodomor and karma of Ukrainian people

Question: Beloved Mother Mary I want to ask what are the karmic prerequisites for the Holodomor, the great famine of 1932 – 33?  The famine that was artificially created by the Stalin regime which took up to 6 million lives of Ukrainians who lived on the most fertile lands of Europe. For Ukrainians the Holodomor is a very painful topic and during the existence of the Soviet Union it was forbidden to even mention it. Is it possible that the universal mirror returned to Ukrainians their karma for the so called People’s Liberation Movement under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in 1648 against the Poles, Catholics and Jews when many innocent people suffered?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

What I would like to offer is that all Ukrainians who would truly give their pain to me I will take it from them if they are willing to release it. Releasing it means that you also release the anger against those who precipitated this and your desire for revenge or to see them punished. You need to forgive because it is the only way you can let go of the pain. This is my offer to all who might hear or read this answer. Or if you who are the students of the ascended masters would want to organize some kind of event or write an invocation to me that people can give for consuming this in the collective consciousness as well.

Now the question is: “Was this a direct karmic return?” Here we need to be very careful. Because there is of course a tendency for people to think that when you understand karma, something can happen, something bad can happen to you in this lifetime only if you have done something bad to someone else in a past lifetime. This is not actually the case. The reason for this is of course free will. You need to recognize that the situation you describe, the Holodomor is not a direct karmic consequence of this.

There are some karmic situations on some of the people who live in what is now Ukraine. But this goes far, far back beyond recorded history. But you need to recognize that as we have said before, there is not a direct one on one relationship between something bad happening to you in this lifetime and something bad you did to others in a past lifetime. It is more at the level of consciousness. It isn’t a matter of saying this terrible thing happened to the Ukrainian people – they must therefore have done something terrible in a past lifetime. The reality is that you have a very complex situation in the collective consciousness of this a certain group of Ukrainians or rather people who lived on the land that is now Ukraine.

Then you had a very complex situation in some of the people who lived in Stalin’s Russia and of course in the leadership of Stalin’s Russia including Stalin himself. So it was this interplay of consciousness that created the foundation on the energetic level that brought about the physical event. But the physical event of the Holodomor was far more severe than anything that has happened in the past of the Ukrainian people. This is unfortunately what often happens when the fallen beings take a situation and inflate it.

If you look at another situation, you could look at the Holocaust and say: “Did the Jews ever murder so many people in their past?”  You can see that in recorded history, even though they committed something very similar to genocide according to some of the books of the Bible it was not nearly at that scale. So you understand that what I’m saying is that the Ukrainian people had a certain vulnerability because in their consciousness there was as both Archangel Michael and I talked about, this willingness to solve problems with violent means instead of peaceful means.

This made them vulnerable to this action by Stalin and his government. But the fallen beings behind Stalin inflated the situation so that what actually happened on the physical was far worse than this karmic vulnerability. This is what they will often do simply to create chaos and suffering and steal people’s energy.

Now you will also see that on the part of Stalin there was some agenda which was to demonstrate to all citizens of the Soviet Union that they could not resist his machine. It was basically like the famous TV series Star Trek where there are those whose motto is “resistance is futile.”And that was the message that Stalin was projecting out to all people who were at the time or would become later part of the Soviet Union Warsaw Pact – “resistance is futile”because you will simply be killed.

So you need to be very, very careful here. Because on the one hand, I do not want the Ukrainian people to say: “Oh, we were innocent, Stalin was the bad guy, we did not deserve this.” On the other hand, I do not want you to feel guilty and say: “We must have done something bad in order to deserve this.” You need to recognize that there was a vulnerability in the consciousness, in the attitude because we can say that it is not impossible for the fallen beings to violate people who are completely innocent. But it is relatively rare that that happens. It is much more common, that when people are violated it is because they have the propensity in their consciousness to respond with violence, to seek to solve problems or conflicts with violence.

In other words if they had had a similar power they might also have used very drastic, violent means to solve what they saw as the problem. This is what you need to look at. This is what you need to work on in the Ukrainian collective consciousness. Once you remove that you will see that the whole nation will make such a leap forward that most people could barely accept it today.


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