The higher perspective on homosexuality

Question: Many say love is love. Is this correct? If not, if ever a homosexual wanted to heal this aspect of their psychology how would they do so? Are there any programs endorsed by the ascended masters for healing a person from homosexuality?  

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, we have given a number of teachings on homosexuality in the past. But I will comment on the statement that love is love. It’s quite frankly an example of serpentine logic. Where you want to take this idea or create a certain idea of love, that love is always good. And therefore, there should be no restrictions and no boundaries and this and that.  That being said, of course there can be love, genuine love between two people of the same sex. You have many examples of this: father and son, mother and daughter. But you can also have people who identify themselves with their sexuality and are attracted to the same sex that can have genuine love.

So, really, the idea of curing someone from their homosexuality is not, despite what we have said before, which was said for a certain level of consciousness—it’s not really the highest idea. It’s not that we have a desire to take all homosexuals on earth and run them through this program that cures them of this affliction.

What we desire is to see all people grow. And what we desire is to see all people come to the point, where as I just said about the definition of a spiritual being compared to a human being, you are not identified with these outer things, including your sexuality. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, you’re not identified with it. And if you can come to that point where you are not fully identified with your sexuality, it doesn’t mean you stop being sexually active.

It doesn’t even mean you stop being a homosexual. It just means that you practice it with a different awareness. And can that be done? Certainly, and it has been done by people. It is being done by people today. And at that point, it’s where we as ascended masters say, that’s where free-will needs to run its course and people need to have a certain experience until they’ve had enough of it and can therefore choose to let it go. This goes for any condition that you experience as human beings.

Again, we have tried in the past, to sort of shock people out of their identification with their sexuality because what has happened is that many homosexuals, because of the dynamics of the gay rights movement and the persecution of homosexuals, they have been propelled into identifying more strongly with their sexuality than they otherwise would have done. And we would like people to grow out of that, where they can reach a higher awareness—where they are not as identified with it. And that really is all I want to say at this point because again, we have given teachings that are still valid.

But you can, of course, come to look at those teachings from a higher level of awareness. I do want to say that there is a very strong movement in Christian churches of condemning homosexuality.  And there is a very strong movement where people are projecting and have been projecting for a very long time that God or Jesus condemns homosexuals. This is a human creation inspired by the fallen beings. It’s not a reality.

God does not condemn homosexual people. I, as the Ascended Master Jesus Christ do not condemn homosexual people. I seek to help all people be free of whatever human condition is trapping them. But I have no condemnation of any condition. And so, it is a complete unreality, the amount of condemnation that has been created by Christian churches, and it is certainly something that you can look at and come to see for the unreality it is, and therefore you can come to connect to the reality of who I am and the love that I have for all people. And the willingness I have to help all people grow and transcend any condition that limits them. And if you don’t feel that your homosexuality is limiting you then I still have unconditional love for you, and acceptance of your right to use your free-will to have a certain experience until you’ve had enough of it.


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