The healing is about making the selves conscious and letting them die

Question: If we consciously let the separate selves go, but our subconscious does not let them go, then in this case, what do the Ascended Masters advise? And are there any safe ways to work with the subconscious? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, first of all, the safe way to work with the subconscious is all the tools and techniques we have given you, which all in a certain sense, going back to the earliest invocation and rosaries work with the subconscious. But when you use the process we have given in the latest books about the separate selves, when you are actually making a self conscious, you are bringing it out of the subconscious. When you really let go of that self at the conscious level, then you have let go of it. Now, you may say that there is still some remnants of that self or some other self. But that’s then because this is a self that you have not yet made conscious and let it go.

The selves can sometimes form this complicated mesh of selves that are somewhat interrelated, you can have one major self for example, but after that first self was created, other selves were created. So it isn’t something you can necessarily do in one setting, you might need to do it over some time to get all of them removed.

But really, the process that we have in the healing your spiritual traumas and forward is about making the selves conscious so that you are in a sense, making the subconscious conscious and therefore you are making that decision with your conscious mind to let the self die, which you can only really do when you see it. And you truly see it from the outside. And you see that it is a separate self and it is not you.


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