The Great White Throne?

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Question: Where is the Great White Throne?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

That depends on which throne you are talking about. Many of the hierarchs in the spiritual realm have spiritual palaces, or retreats, and many of them have a central throne room.

The Great White Throne mentioned in the Bible belongs to the Ancient of Days, whom we of the ascended masters call Sanat Kumara. This particular throne is located in the etheric octave over the planet Venus, which was Sanat Kumara’s temporary home planet before he volunteered to work with earth. Sanat Kumara came to earth on a rescue mission in order to save the lifestreams that were stuck on this planet.

However, there is also a throne room in the etheric plane over the sun. Alpha and Omega have a white throne in the Great Central Sun. A white throne is made of energies of very high vibration and therefore it radiates white light.


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