The Golden Fleece and a fountain of youth

Question: In the decrees and invocations that talk about the Golden Fleece and a fountain of youth, what do these terms mean spiritually?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Okay, so I will address this because I sense the masters want me to just go over this quickly. There are certain decrees and invocations where they talk about these concepts. They use these words, there are not very many. And it’s partly because they rhyme. You have to understand that when a decree is given that rhymes, you have to find words that rhyme with other words. That’s one requirement. And so there are sometimes a limited number of words, but they are also sometimes that the masters want to use a certain concept that has been used historically.

And the Golden Fleece goes back to Ancient Greece where there was, if I remember correctly, there was this in Greek mythology, there’s somebody who had this fleece, this skin of an animal that was made out of gold. And if I remember, it could even grow gold. So it’s a symbol of abundance. And from a spiritual perspective, the Golden Fleece is, in a sense a symbol of nature’s abundance, you put one grain of wheat in the ground and you get 20 in return. It’s the multiplication of the talents and the fact that the mother wants to nurture us if we allow her to do so.

The Fountain of Youth is, if I remember correctly, basically a concept that comes from South America where when the Spanish Conquistadores came over there, they heard about the Incas and the Mayans who had this myth about there being this spring somewhere in the jungle or in the mountains, where if you jumped into it, you would receive immortal life. And that’s basically a symbol for the Christ Consciousness. Also, spiritual growth in general, but specifically the Christ Consciousness, that’s the fountain of youth. That’s the only thing that can give you immortal life. You cannot receive that through the ego.

And of course, the fallen beings have perverted this, and many people have perverted it, they think somewhere there is this physical thing called the Golden Fleece, or the goose that lays the golden egg and if I could just capture that, then I would have unlimited riches. Or they think: “If I could just find that Fountain of Youth and jump into it then I would receive physical immortality.” It has never been talked about physical immortality, and not even really about material abundance.


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