The golden age potential for the Japanese people

Question: Apart from showing the effects of a nuclear bomb and supporting the unification of Korea, what other role does Japan play in the world? Is there any positive outlook for the future of Japan from the ascended perspective in regards to their divine plan as a nation?

Answer from the Ascended Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

The Japanese people have a divine plan, have a golden age potential as most people around the world. This messenger is not particularly familiar with Japanese culture, Japanese mindset and Japanese history. Therefore, it is difficult for me to give you a detailed description. It would require him to put considerable time and attention on familiarizing himself with Japanese culture. But it is clear that the Japanese people have many positive qualities.

They have, as we have talked about with the United States, they have a strong sense of community, a strong sense of helping each other, being part of a culture, part of the people. This is something that can be expanded in the golden age. There have, in recent decades, been certain tendencies that have pulled people away from this, pulled them into becoming more individualistic. But it is necessary that there is a greater individuality in the Japanese people because they do have a tendency, which you can see when you look back at history, to be more influenced by the collective mind, to not have a strong individual sense, but be more willing to follow the collective, do what is their duty, do what they are told by authority figures.

This is something they need to pull themselves out of in order to fulfill the golden age potential. This will have the effect that some people will take individuality to an extreme and act out as you also see in the West, in these extreme manifestations of individuality which is not really a divine individuality, but an ego-based individuality. But this is an inevitable part of the transition that the Japanese people are going through.

There is a potential for various forms of golden age technology to be brought forth in Japan. This relates to a more efficient use of natural resources, even certain forms of energy, use of energy, energy production that can come from the fact that the Japanese island has a huge population but few natural resources.

There is the potential for ingenuity here, where the Japanese people can, at least certain among them, can be open to bringing forth certain ideas that can also help people in other densely populated areas make the best possible use of resources. There is also a potential that the Japanese people can bring forth new ideas for community, for working together, even for creating a new business structure of collective ownership that can be an inspiration to other people. Many other things could, of course, be mentioned, but let this be enough for the present.


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