The Golden Age approach to nutrition and medicine

Question: What will human nutrition and medicine be like in the Golden Age? Please recommend to us a balanced approach to nutrition that promotes spiritual practices. Please tell us about the most and least appropriate foods and their effects.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

It is not possible to give one answer to a question like this because as Saint Germain has said – the Golden Age is a process that will unfold over time.  It is not possible to project into the future and say: “Now the Golden Age is manifest in its full manifestation”. There will always be growth. So healing and nutrition will go through a long gradual process. It is clear that there are some tendencies that we can point out.

One is of course that the further we move into the Golden Age, the more there will be this understanding, awareness of the connectedness of everything. There will be a clear connection seen between the psyche and the physical body. That means that healing will go primarily into focusing on energy and the resolution of psychological traumas and issues. There will come a series of gradual shifts where there will be developed new techniques for healing directly with energy. Even new machines or technology will be developed that can radiate certain forms of energy, that can for example kill viruses, kill harmful bacteria. Eventually there will be radiation that can restore cells to a state of health and balance.

There will be diagnostic techniques that are like the CAT scans that you have today but more sophisticated, so they can show the energy field, the chakras, they can show blocks in the chakras. They can show blocks in the energy field that prevent the free flow of energy in to the physical body. It will become obvious that when there is not the free flow of energy from the three higher bodies in to the physical body, that this is a major cause of disease. Because the cells are cut off from the energy that keeps them in a healthy condition. Therefore they are confined to only material energy, physical level energy and they cannot sustain themselves that way over a long period of time.

Nutrition likewise will go through various phases, first of all there will be a reinforcement of what you already see, where many people are becoming more aware of having pure nutrition that is not polluted by chemicals. There will be more of an awareness of the need to produce nutrition in a way that actually promotes the health of the people who eat it rather than the convenience or the profit of the people or the companies who produce the nutrition. So gradually there will be a refinement of nutrition, there will be a greater awareness of how the physical body is affected by the nutrition that you take in. 

On the other hand, there will also be an awareness that when you resolve the psychology and therefore bring your cells in a more balanced condition, then nutrition is not actually as critical as it is when the cells are not balanced. When your cells are balanced, your body will be able to take a wider variety of nutritions and actually process them in a way that does not damage your health. Again it is a multifaceted approach and that is why at this point we do not want to be to specific about it. Because there isn’t just one thing you can do about nutrition.  

One of the big breakthroughs both in understanding and technology will be the ability as I said, to diagnose an individual person’s energy field. This will open up for a much more individualistic approach to medicine but also to nutrition. It will no longer be so, that you have these medicinal companies that are seeking to create a monopoly on a particular medicine that can supposedly cure a certain disease. They do this of course to make a huge profit. There will be a new awareness, where there will be a realisation that it  simply is not possible to create one type of medicine that works for all people with a certain disease.          

On the contrary, you need to take an individual approach. You look at the energy field of the person. You also send the person to the equivalent of what you have today in psychologists and therapists, where they can look into their psychology and receive help in healing the psychology that is beyond the physical condition. So the same thing with nutrition, these diagnostic methods will open up for the possibility that you can have an individual approach to nutrition where you can see what exactly does your body need. You can even see – how does the body react to specific foods.

Now there will come a point as we move quite a bit further in to the Golden Age, where every person or at least every home has such diagnostic equipment. Where they can scan a person’s energy field and display it on the screen. Then they can themselves have some ability to diagnose what issues they have and can directly see how for example they are affected by nutrition for example. These are some of the possibilities that will open up when people become aware of the fact that everything is connected. That there is an underlying reality of energy. That we need to look at a person’s energy field in order to deal with the physical body.   



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