The Garden of Eden is a symbol 

Question: The teaching says that the God who walked in the Garden of Eden and taught the disciples was Lord Maitreya. I believe that the history of the Garden of Eden goes back to more ancient times. If Lord Maitreya ascended 2,500 years ago, how could he walk in the Garden of Eden as an ascended master?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

If you take the dictation I have just given, I have given very important teachings in there for how you deal with these kinds of situations.

What you realize here is that what I call the thinking mind, the linear mind always wants to take everything literally and put everything on a linear timeline. This will give rise to these kind of contradictions, seeming contradictions. If you take almost any spiritual teaching, any religion, even scientific materialism, any philosophy and apply this kind of very linear, analytical mindset, you can find what seem to be contradictions.

What you are doing here is you are trying to take the biblical story and put this in a linear timeline. You are therefore saying that the person who taught in the Garden of Eden should be the Lord Maitreya we know today and there must be a linear timeline for when the Garden of Eden was and that must be before the time we have been told that Lord Maitreya ascended and therefore this can’t be correct.

The reality is here, that these are symbols. Even the teachings given in a previous dispensation about Lord Maitreya, was based on this linear mindset. There are teachings given in the Summit Lighthouse that as we have said before were given specifically for people in the Piscean mindset. And they were based on and colored by this mindset. And that is why you will see these linear contradictions.

The name Maitreya has been used by different ascended beings over time over the long timespan of this earth. The Garden of Eden story, as we have said before, was not really a pure teaching from the ascended masters but was very much influenced by the fallen beings. It is more constructive to look at this as a symbolic teaching that cannot be put in a specific state in time.

It cannot even be put into the context that there was only one Garden of Eden, there was only two people in that garden, and there was only one teacher or one God. This is far too linear to take such a teaching if you are to make anything constructive out of it, you do as we have said through this messenger, see it as a symbol for the duality consciousness and how all people were tempted by the duality consciousness, and this caused them to lose contact with their spiritual teacher, whoever that spiritual teacher may have been. It was not the same for all people on earth, regardless of what was said in previous dispensations.


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