The flow from your I AM Presence and free will

Question: When I am in the flow, everything in and around me seems timed and guided, but not by me. First, everything I hear becomes sacred in timing. Then, my words are just coming through without me thinking about what I am saying. And with information I never have spoken about in this way. And finally, even my physical body is literally moved by something else than me. Everything is clearly taken care of, and I feel more myself than before. But there is this feeling of having to give up control and handing it over. This can feel like giving up making decisions and some freedom, I can always decide to resist what I am guided to do, but is it so that we have to give up free will in the end? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

I generally, my beloved, love subtle questions that have these kind of deeper perspectives. Do you have to give up free will to be connected to your I AM Presence? Well, that depends on where your free will is centered. Is it centered in the Conscious You, or is it centered in a separate self? In other words, we have talked about the ego as a conglomerate of separate selves. And to the ego, being connected, being in the flow, will seem like it has to give up its free will.

But the ego’s will is not actually free. What we could say here is that the ego or a particular separate self can have a feeling that it has free will. That is why you could say that even fallen beings think they have free will. While in reality, they do not have a will that is free. They have will, but it is not free. The ego thinks that free will means that you can do anything you want without worrying about the consequences—certainly without worrying about the consequences that it has for others—you should be able to do whatever you want, without facing the consequences, otherwise your will is not truly free. That is how the ego feels, that is what the fallen beings feel. That is what the fallen beings will even claim and have in many cases proclaimed that you only gain free will by rebelling against God, as certain fallen beings have said. You realize that the ego, of course, and the separate self can never be in the flow.

You as the Conscious You can be in the flow, when you go into that neutral state of mind. We have also called it pure awareness, but perhaps a better term is to say, you go into a neutral state of mind, because you are not acting through a separate self, you’re not even perceiving through a separate self, you are not acting through these wounds and opinions of the separate selves. And that is when you will feel you are in the flow. And what are you in the flow of? The flow from your I AM Presence, what we have called the River of Life.

But you see, to the Conscious You, when you are in that neutral state of mind, you are not giving up your free will. You are actually claiming true freedom of will. Because you are realizing that you are one with the I AM Presence and therefore, the will of the I AM Presence is not an external will. So how can you give up your will, in order to be in the flow? You choose to be in the flow because you experience that life gives you a richer experience. And that the outer things work out better. You cannot force yourself to be in the flow. But if you still have remnants of the ego and separate selves, they will feel that you are forcing yourself, you’re giving up your free will, their version of free will, in order to be in the flow.

That is why I said: “I can of my own self do nothing. It is the father within me that is doing the work.” I did not have and could not give the concept of the I AM Presence back then. I used other words, but it is the same meaning. I also many times felt I was in the flow. And was lead from situation to situation that somehow magically opened up. And I was not making decisions with the outer mind because I was just in that neutral state of mind. And when I was in a certain situation, I was not evaluating and analyzing, thinking about consequences of different decisions, there was just a spontaneous course of action came to me—a vision, a sense, this is what I will do.

And then I accepted that whatever was the consequence of this was what was meant to happen. And therefore, I could stay in the flow. There were times where I lost the flow and got frustrated, as you will also see in the scriptures. But there were many more times than what you see in the scriptures. There were even many more times than what you see in the “My Lives” book. But nevertheless, there were also many, many times where I was in the flow, and was totally at peace with following that inner direction that came to me and just made it obvious. This is what I will do, not what I should do, not worrying about consequences. This is what I’m doing.


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