The Flame of Freedom in Russia

Question: Saint Germain, is there an opportunity to anchor the focus of the Flame of Freedom in Russia? What does that require?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Of course there is an opportunity to anchor the flame of freedom in Russia as there is in every nation but it is not an opportunity that is immediately likely to come about because it would actually take many different shifts in the consciousness of Russia.

You could say from a certain perspective that there would have to be more ascended master students giving invocations and decrees whether they are from this dispensation or another but this in itself will not do it. You could say there has to be more people embodied in Russia who reached a certain level of Christhood but this in itself will not do it. You could also say there needs to be the judgement of certain fallen beings who are embodied in Russia so they are no longer there but this in itself will not do it.

The really main requirement would be that there has to be a series of shifts in the collective consciousness, in the 80% of the general population in Russia. We have in our dictations that we have given in Russia over the years talked about some of these shifts. But there are other shifts and the main thing really would be that a certain critical mass of people in the general population of Russia would have to acquire some kind of attunement to the Flame of Freedom that they would have to realize that there is something called freedom and that it is valuable to have it.

The reality is that the majority of the people embodying in Russia have very little awareness, very little attunement with the Flame of Freedom. They don’t even see it as valuable. They certainly don’t see it, as you find people in America who would say “Give me liberty or give me death!” Now as I have said, I’m not necessarily encouraging that stand but nevertheless in Russia you don’t find enough people who see freedom as a right or as a goal that they want to attain. They are more focused on getting other things out of life, such as a comfortable material life or feeling secure or overcoming fear, having a society where they don’t need to be afraid of the authorities, which in a sense is also freedom.

It is just that they don’t see it as freedom. They see it in a negative way; that they want to get away from fear. They don’t see the positive; that they want to experience freedom. There is a very distinct difference between wanting to get away from something bad and wanting to get into something positive.

So it is indeed possible but I foresee that it will take some time before there will be even any purpose in anchoring the Flame of Freedom in Russia because what’s the purpose of anchoring a Flame? It is to help people tune into it but if there aren’t enough people who are willing to even tune into it then they don’t need to have an anchor for the Flame of Freedom there.


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