The flame, gift and contribution of the Russian people

Question: From the seven rays what is the flame that represents the Russian nation? What is our gift or contribution to the whole?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

There isn’t one of the seven rays that represents any nation exclusively. All nations naturally have a potential to express several flames and depends upon the free will of the people and how many people in a certain nation desire to embody a certain flame, express that flame. The Russian nation is quite strong on the first ray and that is partly why you have seen that perversion of power that you saw during the Soviet era.

It is also partly why you see so many among the people who have that characteristic perversion of the first ray that they do not want to make decisions, and so it may seem ironic that when many people do not want to make decisions a nation is still strong on that ray, but it is because the nation has the potential of course, to overcome the perversions and manifest the positive aspects of power.

If the Russian nation had not been strong on the first ray it could not have been the focus of bringing the Soviet Union, and although you can say that this was a perversion of the first ray, it still shows that there is a certain momentum on the first ray of power that when perverted can create these more extreme expressions of power.

Well, the contribution to the whole that the Russian nation has the potential to make is also a complex issue because there are of course many, many contributions. In a sense we could say that in a nation as large as Russia, you cannot reduce this to just one topic. It doesn’t quite give meaning because there are so many potentials that could be expressed as the nation rises towards the Golden Age consciousness. We have already mentioned some of the potentials that Russian people have in previous dictations and the previous conferences and so you need to not lock your minds on just one potential because there are so many for a nation with so many people and a nation that is so large.

Of course, one contribution that certainly could be made in connection with the dictations we have given at this conference was if the Russian people would be willing to look at the Soviet past and make the changes that Maitreya and others have talked about of really being willing to transcend the abuse of power that created and sustained the Soviet Union. This would be a very positive example of how a nation can become the focal point for such an abuse of power and rise above it. Again, there are many other contributions that Russia and the Russian people can make and will make as we move into the Golden Age.


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