The fallen beings will not be able to stop the growth of the population

Question: You said in the “My Lives book” that active measures were taken to limit the size of the human population. Can you be more specific about what these measures are and what is the intent of their goals?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

The fallen beings and the power elite, whichever word you want to use have an awareness that most people don’t have and it isn’t out there in the scientific community. They have the awareness that what has often forced a change in the equation of society, the leadership equation of society, is the growth in the population. We have given the example before that the feudal societies of Europe lasted for several hundred years but there came a point where advances in medical technology, nutrition and hygeine meant that more children survived their early childhood. This led to an increase in the population and once the population increased to a certain size then the feudal societies with their very strict distribution of wealth, their very unequal distribution of wealth could no longer support the population and before that, the people even though they lived very limited lives they could at least survive.

Therefore they had been manipulated into a state where they didn’t rebel against the status quo. But once they were faced with starvation then they had to rebel or they had to move out – as some immigrated to America. So you see that the fallen beings are quite aware that they can only set themselves up as the undisputed leaders when the population has a certain size and if the population grows beyond that size then they cannot have a situation where they have these very special privileges that are so much higher than the conditions of the average citizen. This has not just happened in the Middle Ages but throughout many previous civilizations. The fallen beings have always had a certain desire to limit the population to the number that they think they can control given the means of control they have in that particular society.

Obviously in today’s world the fallen beings have more tools for control than they had in the Middle Ages, both physical tools but especially for controlling the mind and therefore they can still feel that they have a certain degree of control over the planet even though the population has increased many times since the medieval age. Nevertheless they are still very afraid of a growth in the population and they are still seeking to limit the growth in the population but here they are up against the modern age, where you have a more widespread acceptance of certain, you might call them humane or humanistic ideas but they are really springing from the greater awareness of what we have called the essential or basic humanity.

These are, for example, that people are aware that it is not right that people starve to death, that they live as slaves and all of these kind of conditions. So it is much more difficult for the fallen beings today to limit the growth of the population. They are still trying in many subtle ways. Abortion is one aspect of limiting the growth of the population, they are still working against a cure of many diseases, that they do not want a breakthrough in the fight of certain diseases, they are also in many ways trying to resist progress, such as progress in agriculture, the ability to grow more food, more knowledge of nutrition. Again they are up against this raised awareness where they cannot do this in open ways, they have to do it in hidden ways, they have to try to manipulate and do it behind the scenes, behind the facade so to speak.

They do this in many ways in the sense that they have created various organizations that actually have the hidden purpose of resisting change, resisting growth. Of course there are other organizations that have the purpose of promoting growth and the fallen beings cannot always stop them. You will see that there came a certain point where and it happened at various times in various countries and parts of the world. But during the renaissance and after the renaissance when democracies started becoming more common there came a certain critical mass where the fallen beings could no longer hold back growth, they could not hold back development, they could only try to slow it down and restrict it and so that is what they are focused on now.

There are fallen beings who are aware that they have lost, that they are only seeking to extend the time they still have on Earth but they know they have lost the Earth as their exclusive domain where they have control over everything. There are of course some fallen beings who are then trying to create some kind of crisis, some kind of war that could set civilization back. There are even some fallen beings who would rather see the current civilization destroyed than having it run out of their control. They will not be successful because too many spiritual people have raised their awareness, are doing the work, making decrees and invocations and other spiritual exercises and there is just a growing awareness that makes it impossible for them to stop my Golden Age.

They can slow it down but they cannot stop it and they cannot stop the growth of the population either.

Of course they have tried in all kinds of ways, pollutants in the food, pollutants in the water, they have tried to create diseases, they have tried to manipulate the genetic material and do many things. In the past they have used genetic manipulation to limit the reproductive ability, they have attempted to do the same today but all of these measures will not stop the coming of the Golden Age. We have gone beyond that critical mass. They can still slow it down and we may at some point give more expose’ on this but you need to know that the fallen beings are losing the game. Some of them are not aware of this, some of them are not willing to admit it but they are losing and certainly they will not be able to stop the growth of the population until it reaches that natural state that we have said before of the 10 billion people.

You could say that they are not really concerned about the size of the population, they are concerned about being able to control the population. So it is not so much that they want to limit the size of the population, they want to maintain control, they want to maintain this very unequal distribution of wealth that you see on the planet where as we have said even in the United States that more and more people have control over greater and greater portion of the wealth in society.

I have said before that the more developed nations are in a sense like the noble class of the Middle Ages who are consuming an inordinate amount of the resources available and thereby keeping the population in many third world countries in poverty and malnutrition and this of course is not sustainable. Because the people, not just the fallen beings, but because the people, in the developed nations have not been willing to reach out and help the other nations come up then population growth also has the function of forcing this issue to become more and more of a crisis where people in the Western nations cannot continue to ignore what is happening in other nations. This is, as we have said before, the reason for immigration. People are coming from, for example Africa to Europe because the nations of Europe have not used their affluence to go down and improve living conditions so people do not have to move out of the African countries.


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