The fall and the number 4

 Question: The Masters say that the original fall occurred in the fourth sphere. But in our seventh sphere, the fall also happened in the fourth race, since the three first ones did ascend from the three higher realms, is there a pattern here created by the first fall in the first sphere? Ancient philosophies did time after time, interpret this as the density of matter being the cause because it is more dense in the fourth level, the physical that was the culprit for the fall. But there is some perplexity to this conclusion.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, first of all, the way we used the fall, the concept of the fall in terms of fallen beings, is that they fell at the end of a sphere when the sphere was ready to ascend, and they were not willing to transcend their consciousness and ascend with their sphere. So this is the way we use the term of a “fall” in terms of creating fallen beings.

There was a time when the original inhabitants of the earth went into duality. And in previous ascended master teachings that was tied into the concept of root races. But this is not how we define “fall” in this dispensation. You can, of course, say that they fell into duality, and they fell, but since the sphere in which they descended into duality has not reached the end of its cycle, they have not actually fallen and become fallen beings. They have, as we sometimes say, entered into or taken on the fallen consciousness, but it does not make them what we define in this dispensation as falling beings.

So, you cannot mix these two together. It is of course correct to say that the spheres have become increasingly dense, which makes it we might say, easier for people to go into duality, because of the density of the matter in the sphere. As the spheres become more dense, it becomes more of a challenge to ascend and to enter an upward spiral in those spheres. This means that there will be more planets where the inhabitants go into duality.

You can also say that there is a certain connection here between the fallen beings and the existence of different realms. For example, in the fourth sphere, you did not have the division into the identity, mental, emotional, and physical levels. In the fifth sphere, there was a division into two levels. The sixth, there was a division into three, and the seventh a division into four. And this was to accommodate the various groups of fallen beings, so that there was a denser level, that was what you today call the physical material level, and then one or several higher levels, depending on the different types of fallen beings. This is a teaching that we might expand upon at some point, but we  have not done so, so far.


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