The failure of a scientific project can actually advance human knowledge and raise awareness

Question: The National Institute for Subatomic Physics has plans to build an underground telescope in the south of the Netherlands, to research the real matter of which our universe is made. I would like to participate as Project Coordinator for the construction of this. Is this is a project that can be successful? Can this project be successful? Can I contribute to this?

Answer from the Ascended Master  Saint  Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, first of all, we do not give personal advice, you need to make your personal decision based on your inner guidance, your inner your intuition and your sense of what is right for you in your life according to your divine plan. But in terms of the project, what do you mean when you say, a project can be successful?

If you look at the people who are planning the project and what they hope to accomplish, they may have a specific definition of what would make the project successful, but I may have a completely different definition, because my definition is not to prove certain theories that human beings have created.

My definition is to advance human understanding to raise understanding and a project like this and many other research projects can very well be successful in raising understanding, giving scientists and humanity a new understanding. Sometimes, there will be scientists who plan a research project, they define what would be successful, and according to their definition, the project fails.

But according to my definition, the failure of a project can actually advance human knowledge and raise awareness and therefore, that is also a success. There are many research projects currently going on that really can only be successful through their failure, because they help point out some of the blind alleys of the materialistic approach and the need to reach for another paradigm.


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