The experience of total pain

Question: In the “My Lives” book, the protagonist goes through the experience of total pain. They detach from their physical body and become open to programming in their three higher bodies. This opening up to programming from fallen beings influences the protagonists to carry and to act out certain beliefs that are not his own. What is the purpose of this mechanism that allows fallen beings to program us under total pain? Why does this mechanism exist?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, it isn’t a mechanism that exists because it’s created by God or the ascended masters. It’s again one of these extreme consequences of free will. Where when free will is taken so far out, then there is no restriction other than there is, as we said the second death in the end, where the I Am Presence chooses: “I will not allow that extension of myself to be in existence beyond this point.” But up until that point, the I Am Presence cannot put any restrictions on free will as God and the ascended masters cannot. The mechanism is not by any means created by God. It is created by the fallen beings in order to manipulate and specifically to manipulate and destroy avatars and prevent him from threatening the fallen beings reign on a planet like Earth.

And this is something that as an avatar, you are actually aware of the risk. But there are many of you who have chosen to set aside those risks, and still come into embodiment. As has been said, and as certainly could be said about myself: “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” And this is indeed why many of us chose to embody on unnatural planets. But this is not to say that fools can’t grow and that fools cannot learn something that they would not learn unless they did something foolish. Fools can actually learn something that angels would not learn. And that is again one of the outplayings of free will.


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