The end of the royal houses on earth?

 Question: Are Prince Harry and Megan supported by the masters to reform the British royal family or are they following their personal agenda?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, this certainly depends on what you put into the word ‘supported’ by the ascended masters. In the long term, it is clear that in the golden age, all the royal houses found on the planet will simply disappear. It goes for the British and all the others. It has already long ago outlived its purpose and really just needs to be abandoned completely.

But given that there are some nations where the people are still very attached to maintaining this tradition, it is clear that as an interim step, there needs to be reform of these royal houses and the way they are conducting themselves. There are certain people who have been born into these royal houses and Harry is one of them and Megan has of course married into it, who has it as part of their divine plan to attempt a reform.

You can say that this is also supported by the ascended masters as an interim step. But it does not mean that we are directly sponsoring them or that they have a particular attunement to us. You can say that they do not have a personal attunement, but they have a general attunement, that there needs to be change in the royal houses.

Now, of course, it is a very big question whether this will have any effect or whether the tradition will, and the beasts behind the tradition, will continue to grind away and maintain the current state of the Royal House. This will also depend on who becomes King after Queen Elizabeth dies. Is it Prince Charles or is it William?

Therefore there are many uncertainties in this entire scenario. But it is clear that the ascended masters want all of the royal houses to disappear, which of course, in the long run will entail that some of the people who now hold a position will approach the secular government and say: “Isn’t it just time to let this go?” But it can also, of course, happen from the government or it can happen from the people and it can happen by certain dramatic events and exposures, where certain things are exposed about the conduct and state of mind of these members of the royal families, which then creates a shock effect that makes the people tip over and say: It’s just time to end this. So there really is an open question exactly how this will happen. And it will be, of course, different in different countries.


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