The election of a female president

Question: Not that I want to look at one person − sometimes people look for a savior, for one President that can come along and fix everything. But are there any calls that can be done relative to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, who seem right now to be the people who are most outside the power elite structure and who are interested for now in leadership? 

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain, July 18, 2015 through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during a conference in Los Angeles. It was given after a dictation by Saint Germain.

Again you need to make some discernment here. We are desiring to see change in America. We are desiring to see a break-up of the old mindset. We were very much in approval of the election of an African American President. This does not mean that we approve of everything done by President Obama in his eight years in office. This does not mean that I fully sponsor him and support him, but it does mean that the election of an African American President was an important step for America to break up the mindset of intolerance.

It is clear that what we would like to see next is the election of a female president. It would be nice to have an African American woman, but this is not realistic. Therefore, we will settle for not quite any woman, but certainly a realistic candidate. You all know who is the most realistic candidate, for the simple reason that things are the way they are and there is only one political party that is likely to nominate a woman. Therefore, we need to work with what we can work with.

Now again – I have said this before – the American system of government is set up directly to limit the powers of the President so that he cannot become King George, who does whatever he wants with America. Therefore, the President is not nearly as important as most Americans think. It is a collective illusion that the President has the power to save the country. It is built into the Constitution that he does not have the power to save or destroy the country single-handedly. And so, who is elected President is not so critically important as many Americans want to make it seem to be.

It is more important that certain overall shifts in consciousness happen, and whether the next President is a female or not, if a female enters the race as a major candidate, it will still help to bring out intolerance, to shift the consciousness.

There are certainly other candidates that have certain other qualities I am looking for, but you also have to look at the system the way it is right now and realize that, despite the good intentions of spiritual people, there are just certain things that are not practically possible, given the state of consciousness of the people. Again, do not be so hung up on the specifics, but look at the overall trends.


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